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Find 24/7 Fresno Air Conditioning Repair Experts

California has the most ideal summer weather, the greatest number of sunny days, a large amount of parks and recreational sites to have fun with the family, and the sparkling beach waves. Yet summer can also cause discomfort for many families who would live in Fresno throughout the season.

A good, functioning air conditioning unit will most likely be the center of praise within the household when heat starts to bite. The continuous use of the cooling system is susceptible to damage due to the usual wear and tear.

Finding a 24 7 Fresno air conditioning repair as a preventive action before the summer heat strikes, will help save you time and money. Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating are experts in helping the Fresno community survive the summer heat since 1976. We can help you with air conditioner service and tune up.

When Not To Call A 24/7 Fresno Air Conditioning Repair

air conditioning repairIn practicing preventive measures for your air conditioning unit, there are several things you can check out for yourself. It helps when you know what signs should cause alarm and when to call for a 24/7 Fresno air conditioning repair expert service.

Keep in mind that technicians from a company that specializes in HVAC are often more experienced and efficient compared to ordinary service repair companies. Find out how you can detect possible problems in your cooling unit.

Routine Filter Change

Changing the filter routinely is the simplest, most effective way to keep your air conditioning running soundly. When dirt starts to clog the filter, your AC unit will have to work harder than it usually does with a clean filter. This step will greatly help reduce the burden on your system.

A filter change is easy on your budget and on your system, which also helps in lowering your energy consumption, thus extending the life of your AC system.

However, when a routine filter change doesn’t prevent your AC unit from malfunctioning, it would be the best time to call the professionals. At Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, home air conditioning service and tune up is one of the most common, well executed maintenance service our skilled technicians provide.

Thermostat Adjustment

Think about what times of the day you and your family are mostly at home. When the family is out most of the day, you can simply adjust the thermostat to a higher temperature. This step will help lower the stress on your AC unit through the day, thus effectively extending its longevity.

Water Leaking Around Your Unit

A few drops of water coming from your AC unit is considered normal. This is due to the condensation process happening within the system to produce cooled air within the house.

Excessive water leak is a sign to call for a 24/7 Fresno air conditioning repair. Your air conditioning unit is an electrical system, some of its components must be protected from water exposure. If this happens, you need to seek professional technical help.

Flexible 24 7 Fresno Air Conditioning Repair

At Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, we not only provide air conditioning service and repair in Fresno, CA, we also offer 24/7 home heating service and repair. We offer more tips on how you can extend the durability of your HVAC system.

There’s no reason to suffer through the heat of a Fresno summer. Call us today at 559-266-9525 for 24/7 home ac service and repair or to schedule your in-home consultation.

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