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Calwa Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating has been working with Calwa residents since 1976 and we continue to count our years. If you are looking for the leading air conditioning contractor in Calwa CA, you’ve found the most trusted AC service company of homes and offices not just in this area, but around Fresno County. Give us a call for all your needs; We’re here if you need to:

  • maintain a working AC
  • a routine filter cleaning
  • any kind of repair simple or complex
  • schedule an AC service checkup
  • get a bid on a new unit installation

Air Conditioning Repair

ac service in calwaPreparation is key to all things. The same goes for ensuring that your household will stay in comfort with a perfectly working air conditioning system, which should top your list of priorities. If there are uncertainties about the full performance of your unit, an AC repair service must be scheduled right away. Give us a call today!

AC Repair

Not all air conditioning repair is complex and costly. If issues are detected early on, less components are likely to be replaced or repaired! You can’t risk having a non-working AC on a excruciatingly hot summer day!

Our expert technicians always recommend early preventive maintenance for all AC units, both new and old. When it comes to an HVAC system, the best way to preserve your investment is through a systematic maintenance and care.

Air Conditioning Service

Instead of waiting for your home air conditioner to completely stop working when you need it the most, prevent all possible issues right away! Schedule a service visit and give your AC unit the required attention it needs to last for years to come.

During a normal service visit, we check all aspects of your unit and the entire system, which includes: making sure that the thermostat meters correctly, the refrigerant is at the right level, the filter is clean and free of blockage, and replacement of damaged parts (if there are any). Sticking to our maintenance list is the best way to make it through another hot summer with your trusted air conditioning unit.

Air Conditioning Installation

Even with a well-maintained and routine and thorough home air conditioning service, sometimes an AC repair and tuneup just isn’t enough for an old system. Like any other machine, air conditioners get old, especially with the arduous use in Fresno.

The latest AC units are very energy efficient and the performance level can blow you away. Compared to old and outdated unit’s yearly electric demands, a new AC installation can save you lots on your utility bill.

AC Service

In order to keep your a new unit running for decades, we suggest a timely and scheduled routine AC service twice yearly.


We are trusted heating and cooling, not a heating-and-plumbing-and-refrigerator-repair-company. Confide in the best AC and home comfort contractor!

heating repairHeating Service Calwa CA

Say goodbye to the warm (and often unbearable) summer months. Fall and winter season are here. Although seasons change annually, not all people would stop to think of their heating needs or if they are prepared enough to make it through the cold months ahead.

For this reason, we offer different residential and commercial heating and cooling solutions in the Calwa area.

Heating Repair

If there are technical issues in your heating system such as: an old furnace that shows signs of wear and tear, periodic breaks occurring at hours of peak use, or not getting the right comfort inside your home, now is the best time for a heating repair call. Calling for the help of an expert technician will help prevent bigger problems.

We’ve been in the business for more than four decades, ensuring that families get the best comfort at home even when the streets are nearly freezing. Our solutions are tailored to your systems’ problems, there’s nothing we have not seen before in over 40 years of expertise.

Heating Service Experts

A dependable heater is must! But for those who are simply looking for a furnace tune up or a routing maintenance appointment, pick up the phone and make a heating service call! Don’t wait for a possible issue to develop before you make your move.

Schedule a routine checkup ahead of time before the season is in full force. This is an effective preventive step that can prevent you from waiting for a technician for weeks in the cold!

Heating and Cooling Services

Regardless of your seasonal comfort needs, whether it be warmth or cooling, our skilled technicians with years of expertise in the field will guarantee a fully functioning system all through the year. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your home comfort needs.

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Solar Energy Contractor

Going solar is the an environment friendly option you can take while lowering your dependency on the electric grid. Solar energy sustains renewable energy which effectively lowers your utility bills for the years to come.

Just like many of the homes we provide service to, we want you to have an dependable, affordable quality solar system that is aesthetically built and helps reduce dependency on the grid. Our solar panel solutions are ideal for all types of homes, offices, greenhouses, commercial buildings, farmlands, and other commercial areas. We offer:

  • Residential Solar
  • Commercial Solar
  • Agricultural Solar

In Calwa, Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating is one of the a leading provider of solar needs. We also support homes and business in the San Joaquin valley.

With the huge land area available in Calwa, we often work with larger scale systems. We service residential and commercial locations in Calwa and its growing community.

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