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The heating season is just around the corner! The seasons continue to change just as the cycle of life continues.

You’ve been out and about this past summer, soaking up sun at the water park and taking in the rays at other outdoor parks. At the end of the day, it’s always refreshing to go home to an air-conditioned house and rest up for another beautiful California day.

fresno heatingWhile you have enjoyed the comfort your air conditioning unit provided, have you thought about the new season to come? Have you given thought to the coming of winter, and how comfortable you and your family will be even when the cool dew covers your front yard? Are you ready for the cold season? Is your home prepared to provide the heat you need? Are your potential Fresno heating problems even on your mind!?

Common Expectations In Heating And Cooling Services

Preparation is the key to a fairly comfortable home and commercial location alike. Having a well-performing AC is equally important as having a fully functional furnace. The two must come hand in hand for you to have a completely efficient HVAC system.

Have you started to prepare for the cold weather? Have you gone down the basement to check on your furnace for any visible defects, or did you dust off some dust and cobwebs lurking on the sides? Have you thought of giving your  an upgrade for maximum performance?

Many homes and businesses pay less attention to their HVAC system compared to the other electronic devices and equipment they own. It’s an efficient system that works on it’s own once powered up, many would often forget that it also needs adequate care and attention too, that it may stop working when it’s overused and neglected.

Everyone knows that a car needs oil changes and maintenance, but the HVAC system in your house is often overlooked. Home AC and heating repair calls can often be avoided with simple tune ups and regular pre-season maintenance.

Nobody wants a malfunctioning heating and air system in Fresno, a city known for its punishingly hot summers and bone-chilling winters. Sadly, while less attention is given to an HVAC system, so much more is expected from it.

Quality Furnace Installation and Furnace Tune Up

fresno furnace installationThe same expectation applies to the good old furnace. Traditional furnaces may not be one of the first options that comes to mind when we talk about Fresno heating. It should be, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. Furnaces have come a long way over the years, proving themselves as an effective means of cutting energy consumption without compromising comfort and efficiency.

Each furnace is rated based on the annual fuel utilization efficency (AFUE) which can give you a first glance into the extent of the products efficiency. The more efficient your furnace unit is, the more you can save on energy use.

How exactly can you achieve optimum efficiency on your furnace? Do you need the help of a Fresno heating service company? Would you need expert technical advice on Fresno furnace tune up? Or would need full assistance from a Heating Contractor to achieve this goal?

The answer lies in the quality of the furnace installation job. Expert technicians know which furnace is right for your heating needs.

Who Is Your 24 Hour Fresno Heating Service?

There are several heating options you can choose from when it comes to upgrading your existing HVAC system or in the installation of a new system. At Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, our technicians conduct thorough assessment of property structure before the installation process. A comprehensive assessment is crucial for two reasons:

  1. For efficiency, ducting must be placed in areas with no obstruction or exposure to potential damage.
  2. Equipment preservation and protection.

At Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, our services do not end with installation. We provide system checkups, tune ups, and equipment maintenance. To ensure that your heating system is fully functional all throughout each season, we provide a maintenance program. This program is aimed at giving you proper heating repair and maintenance,  so that homes and businesses can continue to enjoy seasonal comfort.

fresno furnace tuneupGetting The Best in Heating Service

Are you thinking of upgrading your system? Perhaps, you were white-knuckling it the last cold season and don’t want to fret over it this coming year. Or maybe, you need expert advice on extending the longevity of your existing system?

This is a chance you shouldn’t allow to pass by! Here’s a few of our solutions to keep the winter cold out of your home.

Furnace – With honest ratings based on AFUE our heating systems range in efficiency from 80-95%, which equals to bigger savings for you. Learn more about efficiency ratings from our HVAC experts to find out the right system for your needs.

Heat Pumps – This device works well in homes located in warmer climates, making them an excellent option for economical warming in Fresno. Heat pumps come in different styles, each unique in the source they use to transfer heat, including transfer via air and water.

Radiant Floor Heating Systems – This system offers one of the most effective and efficient ways to heat a home or business, providing an even temperature throughout. We offer 3 options which include systems transferring energy via air, electricity, or water.

Outstanding Furnace Repair Service In Fresno

Now, you’ve got the best commercial heating system in the county, and you have the right to celebrate that! It only means you can save on your energy bill live without worry of waking up with chilly feet.

At Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, it’s always in our best interest to provide outstanding AC and heating service around the county, which typically includes regular Fresno furnace tune up and maintenance.

What does maintenance and tune up entail? Superb furnace repair service! Technicians on our team have been in the industry for years, so that alone is a guarantee that you’re in good hands.

Nothing can help you care for your system like a regularly scheduled maintenance from our dedicated team.  In fact, our community has been enjoying their expertise in the service and repair of heaters and duct systems services since 1976.

Address Your HVAC And Heating Repair Needs

What do you do when:

  • The thermostat isn’t working?
  • The heater is too noisy?
  • The furnace doesn’t heat enough or doesn’t heat at all?
  • There’s frequent cycling?
  • There’s an electric ignition or pilot control problems?

You can exercise your right to access a skilled and experienced technician to conduct a complete assessment and furnace repair service.

Trusted Fresno Heating Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating

Confidence in Quality Heating

Winter will come for us all. Before its arrival, schedule your regular HVAC maintenance and tune up. Our experts advise homes and businesses to conduct a routine annual check-up on all heating units as a precautionary measure and a preventive action so unexpected malfunctions and breakdowns won’t happen at a time when are in dire need of indoor heating.

We offer a maintenance program to both new and old customers, giving them the freedom to choose whether to enroll in an annual or bi-annual maintenance check up and tune-ups. When enrolled to the program, our clients can avail of discounted spare parts to replace broken parts and receive a discount on our professional service fee.

Moreover, once enrolled in the program, you are placed on the priority list. How would you benefit from being in the priority list? Once you enroll in the program, your maintenance request schedule will be prioritized over customers aren’t in the program. This is especially helpful during peak season!

Be ready for the cold season by providing your heating and air unit some love and care. Become a member of our Maintenance Program today!

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