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Avoid A Freezing Winter With Proper Heating Service And Repair

Winter is here and it can be unforgiving. The biting cold, without the help of a trusted heating service and repair team, can restrain your day to day activity. The cold shouldn’t stop you from doing your daily routines. An article from Energy.gov states:

Most U.S. homes are heated with either furnaces or boilers. Furnaces heat air and distribute the heated air through the house using ducts. Boilers heat water, and provide either hot water or steam for heating.

Steam is distributed via pipes to steam radiators, and hot water can be distributed via baseboard radiators or radiant floor systems, or can heat air via a coil. Steam boilers operate at a higher temperature than hot water boilers, and are inherently less efficient, but high-efficiency versions of all types of furnaces and boilers are currently available.

Proper Heating Service And Repair | How Effective It Can Be

heating service and repairWhether you prefer a traditional furnace or a durable boiler to heat your home, the functionality of your system should be thoroughly checked before the weather gets any colder. It is important that you call a professional heating service and repair.

At Marthedal Solar Air & Heating, we take ac and heating repair to a higher standard. Being one of the best company in heating and cooling in California, and remaining in that spot for years now, our services are done by expert professionals who excel at what they do.

Evaluate Your Heating System | Seek Professionals at Marthedal Solar Air & Heating

Several system checks must be done by professionals to ensure that your heating system will work throughout the winter season. We don’t want you to freeze inside your own home.

Professional technicians from Marthedal Solar Air & Heating will know what to look for when doing a maintenance check on your heating system. In the same article from Energy.gov, a checklist which most technicians follow when expecting your heating system was provided. These are:

Check the condition of your vent connection pipe and chimney. Parts of the venting system may have deteriorated over time. Chimney problems can be expensive to repair, and may help justify installing new heating equipment that won’t use the existing chimney.

Check the physical integrity of the heat exchanger. Leaky boiler heat exchangers leak water and are easy to spot. Furnace heat exchangers mix combustion gases with house air when they leak—an important safety reason to have them inspected.

Adjust the controls on the boiler or furnace to provide optimum water and air temperature settings for both efficiency and comfort.

If you’re considering replacing or retrofitting your existing heating system, have the technician perform a combustion-efficiency test.

Get The Right Heating Service and Repair Now

A yearly inspection prior to the first use of the season is recommended to be sure no parts are worn out and everything looks good. Keep warm throughout the cold season.

The HVAC technicians at Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating are experienced professionals in all kinds of heating system, both residential and commercial. It could be heat pumps, furnaces, and radiant floor heating systems; you name it. Our technicians will take care of it for you.

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