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Sunnyside Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor

Finding the leading air conditioning company in Sunnyside CA has become easy and simple. From staying cool in summer or warm in winter; we provide for any kind of repair or regularly scheduled service and repair jobs, we are one call away!

Air Conditioning Repair

In Sunnyside, a dependable air conditioning unit is one of the necessary needs that must be addressed before the season changes. There should be no room for uncertainties or any possibility of a malfunction or breakdown. When you doubt the ability to make it through the summer months without problems, know that you have a company to call when a repair or service is needed.

An air conditioning repair doesn’t always mean complicated and intricate repair work. The earlier the system’s issue is addressed, the easier the service job would be! Don’t wait for your AC unit to stop working in the middle of a sticky hot summer day! When it’s about your heating and cooling, be proactive in taking care of your investment through timely maintenance and care.

Sunnyside heatingAir Conditioning Service

Preventing problems from happening is better than waiting for it to actually happen, especially in a time when your air conditioner the most. Call us for a scheduled service visit.

You change your car’s oil regularly, right? Rotate tires? Ensure fluids are at appropriate levels? Your home comfort unit is an expensive piece of machinery, and it needs the same attention!

Preventive maintenance involves ensuring that the refrigerant is strong, the filter is clean and in good condition, the thermostat meter reads correct, and all other parts of the AC are thoroughly checked for existing wear-and-tear damage. This is the sure fire way to make it through another excruciating summer with your valuable air conditioning system on full blast.

Air Conditioning Installation

There are cases when an AC repair and preventive air conditioner service won’t be enough, especially if the damage is too severe and too deep. Like most machinery and other types of equipment, our ac units gets old and tired, especially with strenuous use in Fresno!

At times like this, investing in a new air conditioning installation is totally worth it. New AC units are known to be very efficient and effective in cutting down energy consumption while blowing you away with its quality performance. Compared to an outdated model, new units are worth every dollar.


HVAC is a complex system that you do not want to entrust in the care of general contractors who aren’t experts in the field. We are heating and cooling experts, backed up by more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Don’t hold back and confide only in the best!

Heating Service in Sunnyside CA

heating in SunnysideWe can finally find relief from the hot summer months once fall begins and the winter season is follows. But in the transition months, most people don’t stop to plan their heating needs until the need arises. Now is the time to pause to ponder if you will be fully covered throughout the cold season.

For this reason, we at Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, offer many heating and cooling solutions to the Sunnyside CA community.

Heating Repair Experts

When issues begin to arise and cold becomes unforgiving, making a heating repair call is necessary. When the furnace starts making weird a noise, if there is a periodic pause in its functionality or if the house or building doesn’t get warm enough to provide for your comfort, then professional help is needed.

We have seen different kinds of problems and repair needs since we started servicing different communities in Fresno California in 1976. We are confident in the solutions we offer.

Heating Service

There’s nothing wrong with making a heating service call even if your heating system is fully functional. In fact it’s the most logical! Ensuring that winter will pass along without any issues, even if it’s just a furnace tune up or quick check-up is a smart and sensible way to an efficient, problem-free system. A preventive touch can help you from waiting those weeks in the freezing cold!

Heating and Cooling Services

Want to learn the different heating and cooling services available to you? Whether it’s about upgrading your existing unit or about a new installation, give us a call to discuss your heating and cooling needs!

Sunnyside Heating Contractor | Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating

Solar Energy Contractor

Aside from benefits you get from having a constant source of renewable energy, Solar power also effectively lowers your utility bills. We want you to have a dependable and affordable solar panel system that looks good, is self-sufficient, and saves you money in the years to come. Our solar solutions are ideal for all types of farms, agriculture lands, greenhouses, households, and business. We provide:

  • Residential Solar
  • Commercial Solar
  • Agricultural Solar

In Sunnyside, it’s hard to miss us! Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating is a leading provider in Clovis and Fresno. With the huge land area in Sunnyside, we provide quality installation process for both indoor and outdoor set up, even larger scale systems.

We service many homes and businesses within the area. Whether it’s a small or big solar mounting projects, we are happy to offer our expertise!

Sunnyside is a growing community. We take pride in providing families, businesses, and farmers with functional and productive solar panels. Be informed and learn more about the different panel systems you can choose from.

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