6 Reasons You Need To Replace Your AC Unit

Why would you bother buying a new AC unit when your house already has a working cooling system? Why would it benefit you to install a new unit when it could only mean spending more money? These questions are exactly the reason why you should consider buying a new AC unit.

A cooling system is a much-needed commodity not just in households, but in businesses and office buildings as well. Even with a complete and problem-free cooling system, families can never be complacent, especially with an older unit. Lets look at why it may be time to replace AC unit.

Air Conditioning Replacement Before The Summer Season

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There are several reasons to consider why a new air conditioning installation for your home could save you the trouble of having to call a professional HVAC service in Fresno CA. It pays to know these reasons, for it could mean more benefits for you in the coming years. Perhaps you’re just had enough of that inefficient AC unit?

Less Expensive. Yes, prices drop when you purchase a unit off-season. Most retailers and suppliers will offer new AC equipment at a much lower price during fall, winter and spring when there is no need to cool down. Some HVAC contractors have special offers for installation, maintenance, or tune up of cooling systems during the off-seasons. That’s a lot of discounts you can benefit from.

Old Equipment, Costly Repairs. The first 10 years of a new AC will guarantee full functionality and minimal repairs. Which could simply mean you are getting more from a unit you bought at a discounted price. An older unit becomes unpredictable and often require frequent repair work when some of its parts start to break down.

It’s Efficient. This is the best benefit you can gain with a Fresno new AC unit. Since it’s straight from the factory, all parts are usually in perfect condition, require less energy to fully function, and cools the air faster. This also guarantees that the utility bill will stay within your energy consumption budget.

Credits and Rebates. Since AC sales numbers aren’t really remarkable in the off-season, some suppliers might have warranties that will cover your equipment much longer than buying during summer. Take advantage of these extended warranties for more savings.

Lesser Demand. All types of calls for Fresno and Clovis keeps technicians busy all throughout the summer season. HVAC companies are usually flooded with service requests, from installation, maintenance, tune up, to unit repair. Getting the jump on your maintenance or installation by scheduling these things off-season will ensure the best scheduling flexibility. Wouldn’t it be more convenient for you if you wouldn’t have to wait around for the next available repair guy?

You Will Be Ready. With a new unit installed and waiting to serve your household when the summer heat strikes, you can relax and enjoy with ease. No more worrying about a broken AC or finding an available technician to fix your system. Read about some tips on keeping your utility bill down this summer.

New Home AC Installation

Just before summer begins to take over, talk to one of our technicians at Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating. Our  home AC service doesn’t just focus on installation and maintenance. We are committed to the advancement of our services by partnering up with institutions that trains and certifies skillful HVAC technicians. Once you have a new unit, consider a service agreement to protect your investment.

Why Invest In A New Air Conditioning Service In Fresno?

We have been servicing the greater San Joaquin valley and numerous communities in California for over 40 years! We keep homes free of malfunctioning AC system through our preventive maintenance program. Call us today to find out how you can avail of the discounted new air conditioner options, and start beating the summer heat!