Air Conditioning in Fresno | How to Stop AC Thieves

Why would anyone want to steal an air conditioner? It’s heavy.. its bulky.. and a quick escape might seem impossible. But theft still happens and stolen ac units are pretty common cases in many communities. This is because of the valuable copper in the coil, refrigerant lines, and internal wiring. And these thieves won’t think twice about destroying the entire unit just to get what they need, the scrap metal.

Protecting your heating and cooling unit from theft is just as important as maintaining a fully functional and operational home comfort unit.

Protect Your Air Conditioning Service in Fresno

air conditioning service in FresnoAccording to the Common Signs of Scrap Metal Thieves article, “In certain areas, legitimate scrappers must provide receipts of purchase of the defunct unit. Or, they might need paperwork certifying they’re an authorized agent for a company authorized to sell these components for scrap.” Individuals who sell a large amount of these components without proper documentation or certification might be involved in theft or other shady type of dealings.

To keep your system safe and protected at all times, here are some tips to consider:

Enclose the unit. This goes at the top of the list since this the most effective way of keeping thieves from targeting your comfort system. Essentially, you want to obstruct view to your unit. Either use a fence or a customized cage to enclose the equipment, but makes sure to leave enough space within the enclosure so it can still “breathe” and continue to function properly. Consult a trusted Fresno Air Conditioning Contractor to get professional advice.

Provide sensor lighting and security camera. With this combination, you can monitor the equipment 24 hours a week while effectively scaring off thieves. These are especially useful as a deterrent to your overall home security.

Set up an alarm system. This is the perfect alternative to a cage. There are different products out on the market that can help in firing off an alarm when the voltage is interrupted, the refrigerant lines are cut or any sort of tampering takes place.

Camouflaging works too. If your unit is difficult to spot, thieves will most likely pass by your home. If you live in a busier community with busy streets, leaving the unit in plain sight works too (hide it in plain sight). No thief will dare to steal when people are around.

Keeping your outdoor equipment safe and protected at all times is a great way to nurture your long-term investment. At Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, we provide air conditioning repair in Fresno (and with a new office in Clovis too) for all home and business needs, in order to ensure comfort throughout the year. Call us today or read more about pet care or thermostat tips.