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What’s the best way to avoid an emergency repair service request? Get a maintenance appointment from the best air conditioner repair company in town before summer heats up!

Yes, Spring is the best time to have your cooling system checked before the summer days heat up. Right now, your HVAC system is taking some time off after winter. So while it’s not in use, this is the best time to tap on your phone and call an HVAC company.

Why Early Air Conditioning Intervention (Repair) Helps

air conditioning repairAll this talk about scheduling a service visit as early as possible has many benefits. Any professional from the heating and cooling field always recommend getting an appointment early on. Why so? There are several reasons and here what’s at the top of the list:

  1. The early bird catches the worm. Getting an early appointment means you have secured a good time for a service visit. You do not need to procrastinate and compete with other homeowners who are in need of a professional.
  2. Have a worry-free Summer ahead. Knowing that a technician is scheduled to visit your home anytime soon, there’s no need to think about your air conditioner all the time. It will get cleaned at the perfect time.
  3. Your summer comfort is secured. A well-maintained home AC service equates to a fully functional AC throughout the hot months. In fact, it’s the most effective way to prevent emergencies and unexpected breakdowns.

Other Benefits of Early AC Service Maintenance Appointment

In the more technical side of the maintenance and tune-up of your system, early intervention means better efficiency and longer lasting equipment. Moreover, this step will help you:

  • Make sure that the condenser and evaporator coil gets cleaned. Both the evaporator and condenser coils get dirty during their months of use, and the amount of dirt can multiply when the filter isn’t changed regularly. You can help by keeping the area where the condenser is placed free of falling leaves and clippings from the lawn mower.
  • Make sure that the condensate drains aren’t clogged. If the condensate drain channels aren’t drained properly, the unit loses its ability to effectively remove humidity from the air. Excess moisture in your home is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. It can also cause the discoloration of the walls and ceilings, and carpet and furniture.
  • Make sure that there’s enough refrigerant in the unit. The first thing a technician will do when it comes to the refrigerant is to check if there is enough. Less refrigerant can mean leakage. At the end of the day, your AC gets a sufficient amount of refrigerant and is free of leaks.

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Our Maintenance and Repair Service

At Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, our technicians carefully examine every system scheduled for maintenance. It is important for us that our clients get the most out of their cooling system. It isn’t just about comfort. It’s also about dependability and reliability. 

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