How Much Does AC Repair Cost? | What About Replacement?

Your air conditioner has been with you through many summers, providing comfort for your family and keeping your home an ideal living space even when it’s sweltering hot outdoors. But even the most trustworthy air conditioning equipment will start to show signs of age and stress, especially when it’s been with you for more than a decade. When the issues continue to rise, at some point, you’ll have to decide whether a repair job is enough or do you need to consider replacing it. How much does AC repair cost?

Do You Need a Repair Service Or a New Unit?

AC repairOftentimes, people will want to fix their system than buy a new unit since most AC repair needs are simple and don’t require replacement. But ask yourself these questions first.

  • How much will a repair service cost?
  • Are you really saving money?
  • How about the long-term saving option for your home?
  • Is a new system a smart investment right now?

To help you reach a decision, these important points can shed some light on the matter.

Length of Service

If the AC is less than 10 years old, there are only a few occasions when one will have to replace the unit. The problem can be a blown fuse that needs replacing or a filter that’s too dirty.

However, if it’s 15 years or older and starts to break down more often than usual, then consider a replacement. Did it need a new compressor eight months ago and now a solenoid replacement? These are a few instances wherein new equipment might be ideal and a financially wise option. Or better yet, ask a heating and cooling services expert.

Preparing for a Retirement

If you want to maintain your current lifestyle when you retire, be thoroughly prepared for it. The same goes for your Fresno AC. Can you afford to pay for a service job every year when you’re on a fixed income because of an old system? It’s the last thing you want to spend your retirement money on.

So, consider investing in a new AC installation while preparing for retirement. You have control over your finances and you definitely don’t want to be without an AC in the coming summers.

Keep Up with Technology

Machines lose efficiency over time, and your AC is not exempted. One reason is due to the effects of normal wear and tear. Another reason is the increasing temperature across the globe. Houses built before 2000 did not have adequate insulation for today’s temperatures and electricity was way cheaper back then.

It matters when the system runs all the time to keep up, and it gets expensive. Does it always run on hot days? Are there rooms that feel hot no matter what you set your thermostat to? Modern air conditioners are more efficient and energy-saving because they are designed to not run so often. A frequent repair can be prevented with a new model. Consider this when deciding on a replacement or repair. It can also fix a high energy bill!

Repair vs. Replacement | Know the Overall Health of Your Fresno AC

AC repair

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating has responded to different service calls and we’ve seen all HVAC issues. An annual maintenance program is offered to all clients to help them save on repair costs and get rebates in some cases. And when you need replacement, our technician will tell you while explaining why you need it. Call us today!