Why is an Affordable Furnace Repair Ideal this Winter?

The challenge never gets old when it comes to finding an affordable furnace repair service on a cold winter day. It’s a problem you do not want to deal with when you are going about your responsibilities for that day and looking forward to a nice, warm, and comfortable evening at your place.

Furnace problems, in most situations, are either a serious issue that needs professional assistance or a simple drawback that can be fixed with a guided tinkering.

Common Reasons for a Furnace Repair Service

Regular furnace maintenance usually addresses heating issues before it can cause bigger problems such as losing heat or not having enough heat to warm the house. Regular maintenance is fundamentally a preventive action that can help extend the lifespan of your system and prevent any serious damage or repair.

However, even a well-maintained system can break down and stop working when unaccounted factors affect the heating unit.

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Filthy Filters

Regularly replacing the filter is advisable because it prevents the accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime that can result in clogging. There are cases wherein filters get dirty fast even before the scheduled maintenance check. When it begins to clog, airflow is restricted rendering the distribution of heated air inefficient. This restriction will push the system to work harder to circulate air that will potentially lead to an overworked furnace and an unacceptable utility bill.

Cleaning or replacing the furnace can be a simple task, one you can do yourself if you know how to.

Insufficient Maintenance

An annual furnace maintenance schedule is often recommended by experts. Some contractors perform a maintenance check on furnaces and air conditioners before the start of every heating and cooling season. Regular check-ups and inspections can detect problems before they lead to costly breakdowns and treat potential problems before they get worse. The best time to schedule a maintenance visit is in fall before the cold months and in spring just before the summer starts. Getting your system ready ahead of each season will ensure that you’ll have a good summer or winter without any threats of breakdowns or malfunctions.

Components Degeneration

Each component of the system plays an integral part in the overall functionality of the furnace. Year after year of usage, components tend to degrade, which in many situations, affects the entire system. Motors, bearings, belts, fans: these parts help the proper circulation of air, and when one or two of these fail, air movement impeded. And when this happens, the tendency of overheating is high, resulting in more issues.

A good HVAC Contractor will include the inspection of these vital parts in their maintenance check.

Duct Leakage

The ducting system can be likened to the veins that carry oxygenated blood throughout our body. Heated air is distributed through a series of ducts outlined throughout the house. Ducts are responsible for ensuring that every corner of every room is fed with warm air. If air escapes through tiny holes and gaps, the entire system becomes inefficient. This pushes the furnace to work harder, exert more effort to make up for the loss of warm air.

It is common for leakage to occur in spots where ducts come together. Therefore, sealing them with silicone caulk or aluminum tape is an effective preventive measure. Of course, if an air leak is suspected but you couldn’t find the tear or gap, a professional technician can easily locate and seal it for you.

Some Heating Repair Service Jobs are More Complex

A furnace repair cost can range to as little as a few hundred dollars to a five-figure rate depending on the damage and the extent of the repair job that needs to be done. Professionals, trained and skilled in this field, deal with a lot of issues daily. Experts from Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating have seen and addressed all issues related to heating and cooling service.

Some of the most common emergency furnace repair jobs our team has addressed include:

Loose or Damaged Blower Belt. A squealing, high-pitched sound coming from the furnace usually means a loose or damaged blower belt. The technician will decide whether tightening the loose belt will fix the problem or a replacement will permanently fix the problem.

Worn Out Ball Bearings. Ball bearings are “to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads“. When ball bearings are worn, you usually hear a scraping sound when the furnace is turned on. When this happens, call a professional, the bearing needs to be replaced right away.

Abnormally Fast Cycling. Normally, furnaces (as well as air conditioners) turn on and off to complete a cycle. When this cycle happens too fast and more frequently there could be an underlying issue with the filter or the thermostat or a problem with the airflow. If the rapid cycling persists, it will need a thorough assessment.

Flickering Pilot Light. The pilot light is and should always be a blue flame with a yellowish tip. If the flame burns yellow than blue, either “the air intake valve to the pilot light is clogged with dirt” or carbon monoxide concentration is high. Shut off the furnace and call a technician immediately.

Damaged Heat Exchanger. A strange odor around the furnace often means the heat exchanger either has a crack or damage. When there is a crack, there is a leak. Be sure to contact a professional to conduct an inspection of the unit.

There are more issues that can affect the performance of a heating system. Some are easy to spot while others will remain undetected unless a maintenance check is conducted or if the unit malfunctions.

Find a Good Heating and Cooling Contractor

It is always in the best interest of your HVAC system to enroll in a regular maintenance program with a reputable contractor, one that you have had satisfactory transactions before. Or one that has positive reviews and feedback from previous clients.

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