Avoid Unnecessary AC Service With These Pet Owner Tips

Owning a pet brings joy to most families as it provides companionship, security, and emotional aid, especially for growing children. It’s also a huge responsibility since owning one means regular feeding, exercising, and grooming the pet.

With some types of pets/breeds, its easy to know when someone has a pet if there are the tell-tale signs of pet hair on their person! Its unavoidable for pet hair to float around the whole house, even where you least expect, like into your closet!

What’s often forgotten about is the hair and dander that makes it to places you don’t always venture to explore. This includes the inside of your duct system. Pet owners will have to make some considerations and extra effort in keeping the house clean and the appropriate maintenance for their AC service.

How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Fully Functional

ac serviceAnyone can keep as many pets as they want while giving their cooling system a little bit of extra aftercare. Here are some maintenance tips you can work on to keep your equipment running and free of issues.

Frequent Filter Checkup and Cleanup

Pets tend to bring in more dirt and dust than people do since they love rolling in the grass as soon as they are out of the house and shake it all off as soon as they back in the house. This leads to the filters filling up at a faster rate with more dirt and dust, which means you’ll have to clean it more frequently or have it replaced when it’s clogged. If this is a task you aren’t confident doing, talk to a technician who is an expert in repair calls.

Brush Them Outside For Clearer Air Conditioner Systems

When you groom them inside the house, you’ll be stirring up a lot of unnecessary dander that your air conditioner will have to work through and send through its filter. Some animals can’t be taken outside, but if yours explores the outdoors, don’t forget to brush those furs before they run back in.

Check this article on proper dog grooming for other useful tips.

Check and Clean Vents Regularly

Animals, especially dogs, love to hide things and if they see an opportunity to get something through the vents, they might just attempt to! It’s never a waste of time to check the vents from time to time to find out if there are wads of hair, socks, toys, or other stuff being left behind. Dirty vents mean that unclean air is circulating the house and an air conditioner unit that is overworking itself.

Avoid Unnecessary AC Service With These Pet Owner Tips

Most ac repair service calls are about malfunctioning units, broken thermostat, or problematic system – all this due to the lack of proper maintenance and routine checkup.

At Marthedal, Solar, Air & Heating, we encourage both new and old clients to enroll in our preventive maintenance program. This will help ensure that unnecessary malfunctions and breakdowns are prevented. Call us today for a smarter and energy-efficient heating and cooling system. Read more blogs on wildfires or about anti theft information.