What Air Conditioning Companies Have to Say About Air Pressure

Have you been in a room when the door seems to magically open by itself? Or suddenly slams shut when no one is nearby? How about doors that aren’t heavy but you can’t push them open with ease? It may sound a little creepy, but there is a definite logical explanation to it… airflow imbalance.

It is quite common for an imbalance to occur when your heating and cooling system is poorly designed for your house. This is also a sign of a possibly faulty or inefficient air conditioning unit. Learn what air conditioning companies have to say about pressure:

What Does Airflow Imbalance Mean?

Fresno air conditioningPositive Air Pressure

When it says positive, it means the air in your home is being forced out. This happens when the pressure inside the room or house is too high. You’ll know that your home is building up positive air pressure when the doors opening outward fly open by themselves, potentially harming any person nearby. And every time the doors open, cooled air escapes leading to potentially high energy bills.

Negative Air Pressure

Negative is the complete opposite of positive, so this time the pressure inside the house is lower than the outside resulting to warm air being sucked in a room or your entire space. The most noticeable effect is doors opening inward and fly open without warning or people having a hard time pushing the door open. Your Fresno air conditioning will suffer in the process as it needs to work harder to keep the indoor air temperature constant.

What Causes Unbalanced Air Pressure?

From a professional’s perspective, there can be a lot of factors that can lead to this problem. We’ve listed the most common ones that usually entail an issue with your existing cooling system to help you determine whether you need professional help.

  • Leaky Air Ducts – If there are holes or tears in the ductwork that causes leakage, the air can’t be distributed properly that leads to pressure imbalance.
  • Overworking Exhaust Fans – Sometimes exhaust fans remove too much air and cause negative pressure. This can become dangerous for the occupants of any building or the people living the house due to the possibility of carbon monoxide building up. Learn more about exhaust fans here.
  • Fan Motor Speed – When the fan motor speed is too high it can also lead to an imbalance. The issue is easy to fix or can be addressed by simply turning down the fan motor speed on the system. Learn more about fan motors here.

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Aside from an imbalance in air pressure, there are a lot of heating and cooling service issues that homes and businesses have to deal with. But with the help of a trusted contractor that provides HVAC solutions, the greater part of San Joaquin Valley can enjoy quality home comfort. Learn how to keep filters clean or the best way to find a trusted Fresno contractor.

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