The Dangers of Refrigerant Loss in Any Air Conditioning Unit

Leaking pipes are quite common in households, either under the sink or on the ceilings. It can be fixed so easily with just a call to a nearby plumber. Calling for help is normally what people would do to resolve the problem right away and to prevent any further damage.

Quick and immediate action should be done the same when there is a leak with your ac service, especially when it concerns refrigerant. This highly useful chemical is responsible for absorbing the heat inside the home as it changes from liquid to gas. The heat is then released outside so only cooled air is circulated back through the vents.

Over time and after continuous use, issues can occur in the line sets of your AC service which can lead to a refrigerant loss. When this happens, more issues will surprise you and your budget as some ultimately lead to expensive repair jobs.

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The Risks of Refrigerant Leaks at Home

Since refrigerants are the main cooling agent of the entire AC unit, when the amount present in the unit is below the standard level, it causes insufficiency. The unit will fail to adequately cool the home, completely missing to maintain the desired temperature. As an after effect, the system will overwork itself to try attaining the set temperature and in doing so, it will it up more energy.

If the leak remains undetected or unattended to, it can affect the health of everyone in the house and its surroundings. Refrigerant poisoning is a serious threat. It may several life-threatening conditions including:

  • Breathlessness
  • Extreme headache
  • Vomiting
  • Skin and eye irritation
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Fluid build-up in the lungs
  • Loss of consciousness
  • In worse cases, Seizures

When a refrigerant leak is identified and a member in the household experiences any of these symptoms, seek emergency medical help immediately.

The Signs to Look Out For

Hissing Noises – When the gaseous refrigerant leaks from the lines, it makes a hissing noise. It can be heard right away when you’re near the unit and a strong indicator of a leak.

Operation Disruption – Without its cooling agent, the home air conditioner can not do its job properly. Even when it works fine and blows air as it normally does, it will not be cold. It might just be circulating the heat back to the vents instead of releasing it outside. And if the system does produce cooled air, it will exhaust itself in doing so.

Higher Bills – An overworked AC means higher electrical bills since it consumes more energy than usual. It becoming ineffective just makes it more costly for you. And the possibility of a repair job happening soon isn’t so far away at all.

Refrigerant leaks sabotage the heating and cooling system’s overall function and efficiency as well as your finances and eventually your health. Fortunately, an HVAC technician can easily spot this problem and fix the leaks. And refill the refrigerant when the system is low on the chemical after the leak.

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating has been dealing with all types of leaks involving air conditioners. We don’t just fix leaks or refill the cooling agents, we conduct general assessments to ensure that there are no other issues with the system. We don’t just focus on the problem at hand, we prevent issues even before they become a problem.

Enroll in our maintenance program for an annual or bi-annual maintenance checks and fine-tuning. Call us for more information or read some more blogs on air balancing or clean indoor air.