Warning Signs That Indicate You Need a New Air Conditioning Install

An air conditioner is a complex system made up of different components that work together to effectively control the temperature in homes and offices. We often hear about a broken thermostat, read about how a condensation line works, or watch videos on the different types of ACs and furnaces. But not many know about the heart of all cooling systems, or more importantly, when its time for a new air conditioning installation.

“The compressor is the heart of the cooling cycle. The cycle begins when the compressor draws in cool, low-pressure refrigerant gas from the indoors. The motor-driven compressor’s sole function is to “squeeze” the refrigerant, raising its temperature and pressure so that it exits as a hot, high-pressure gas.” – Homeguides

fresno air conditioning installationWhen it breaks down, it can be an expensive fix or require a new AC install. It’s only natural for you to worry when you suspect that this may be the problem with your AC.

Know the Signs before You Seek an AC Repair Service

Before it gets too late, get yourself familiar with the early warning signs of a failing AC compressor. By knowing you can save yourself an expensive repair work by addressing the issue early on.

#1 Ticking or Chattering Noise

After a fresh air conditioner install or in any part of the country, your AC works in the background without making disturbing noises. If you start hearing a rattling, chattering, or ticking noise, especially when turning on the AC for the first time in the day, it’s hard-starting. This is usually the case when the compressor is about to break down. Or the electrical relay switch that starts your compressor may be wearing out. Fixing this can be tricky and is best handled by an HVAC professional.

#2 Clicking or Rumbling Sound

Much like the scenario stated above, once the Ac starts producing a clicking or rumbling sound, the motor mounts have failed and the motor that distributes cool air from within has come loose and started thrashing around inside the area that houses it. It’s best to call professional help when this is the case.

Other Signs to Look Out For | AC Repair Service

Warm Air

What happens when the condenser appears to be working but the vents are blowing warm air? An AC compressor failure is about the happen. If it can’t pump refrigerant through the system, the heat extraction and air cooling cycle will fail.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

Is your condenser losing power and keeps tripping the circuit breaker? This is also a strong sign of a failure because compressor may be overheating and drawing too much power, thus tripping the circuit breaker. Don’t just reset the breaker and turn the system back on. It’s protecting you from a potential fire hazard. Learn more about circuit breakers from your technician during a Fresno air conditioning installation.

For Installations, Service and Repair

Before symptoms of distress and dreadful signs of failure start to manifest, take care of your air conditioner through regular checkup and maintenance visit. Early intervention is often a lifesaver when it comes to your AC. Don’t wait for a complete failure or total shut down to happen, new unit installation can wear your budget out. Read about common AC problems or buying tips if you’re in the market.

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