4 Reasons that Make Your Air Conditioning Bill Rise

What causes my Air conditioning service bill to rise?” This is a common headache for residents living in areas where summers are hotter than normal, cities like Fresno, Clovis, or Dinuba. It is indeed a problem if your energy bill keeps going up every month even when you’re trying your best to lower it. And perhaps the best answer to this question is that your air conditioner isn’t working as efficiently as it needs to.

Symptoms like warm air coming from the vents, reduced airflow, and unpleasant noises coming from the AC are indications that the unit is struggling to turn on or stay on. This can lead to serious problems and high monthly bills.

Air Conditioner Service | The Causes of High Energy Consumption

new air conditioningThe causes of high energy consumption when it comes to AC usage vary depending on the affected components and repair options. Typically, the most common ones are:

Failing parts. When  parts such as capacitors and compressor start to fail, it will result to high electricity bill. This can also cause your system to be less efficient. Take for example a failing condenser motor. Even when you set the thermometer to the lowest temperature to cool your home, with a broken condenser motor, the system can’t effectively remove heat. While the motor struggles to complete its job, the thermostat on the other hand will push the motor to run longer and consume more energy. And if left undetected or unaddressed, it will lead to an AC breakdown.

Overheating. Unit overheat is mostly caused by the fan motor. If the fan motor is defective or clogged by dirt, it can’t effectively cool down the inner system. Instead, it will contribute more heat your heating and cooling service will need to remove from the indoor air, automatically decreasing the efficiency of the entire system.

Bad installation job. A good example of bad installation is having the wrong unit size installed in your home. An over-sized unit means the unit short cycles and kicks on and off rapidly because the space it’s supposed to cool down is smaller than what it’s designed for. An AC uses the most energy when starting up so imagine the amount of energy being used every day as it switches on and off more frequently.

Outside unit obstruction. Leaves, debris, and lawn clippings are some of the most common things that get stuck in the outdoor unit. These obstructions will prevent extracted heat from the inside to be expelled outside. The trapped air can lead to system issues or expensive repairs.

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