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While air conditioners can be costly, new units are more efficient and advantageous.  If you’re torn between sticking with your old unit and paying continual repair and service  fees, or upgrading with a new air conditioning installation, it is a no brainer! Live in confidence!

Replacement of HVAC units has become more accessible, budget friendly, and easy to install. We are leading contractors, and among the highly rated companies in the area. We provide free quotes for new cooling units suitable for your home and commercial needs.

Home Installation – Save on Installs

air conditioning installation

The cost of home cooling can add up, depending on the type of unit ideal for your home and the amount of time the technician will have to spend on installation.

How much exactly does a new cooling unit cost? Its hard to say exactly, depending on the location of your existing unit, your duct system health, the size of the space that needs cooling.

Split Air Conditioner Installation

One key factor to saving on installation cost is a capable technician who has amassed experience, skills, and expertise in HVAC systems. A technician who can finish the job at one go. Now, how will you determine a capable technician?

In the article How Much Does It Cost To Repair An AC Unit, different pointers are provided to help homeowners find the best professional help.

Make a list. Before you talk with an air conditioning contractor, know the model of your system and any maintenance history. Check to see if your unit is still under warranty. Make a list of your concerns to ensure you do not forget anything important for your repair pro to know.

Compare prices and service packages. If possible, get at least three estimates for any repair or maintenance work. All estimates should be in writing and should provide a full description of the services to be provided and the materials to be used.

Get referrals. Check with family and friends to get the names of HVAC professionals in your area. Chances are that if you ask around your neighborhood, your neighbors will know us, we’ve been around for over 40 years!

Best Company for Financing

Both sites provide listings of air conditioner experts by area. Look for contractors whose technicians are certified by North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and partnered with ENERGY STAR. More information here.

Things To Know Before Your AC Installation

Things To Know Before Your Central AC Installation

In addition to the pointers listed above, it is also important to do a background check. By researching the transaction history of the company you wish to hire, you will find out how capable are their technicians. A reputable home service and tune up company has licensing information on repair trucks, marketing pieces, paper works, and their own website.

Here are some questions we hear often, if you have the same ones, we can help answer them! Here’s what you need to know about proper air conditioner service.

  • How much does it cost to replace an AC unit?
  • When should you replace your air conditioner?

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