An Air Conditioner Maintenance Service Agreement Is A Must

With the constant changing of the season, keeping the HVAC system in our homes sound and working properly at all times is a necessity for every household across the United States. Now that we are moving into the summer season with each passing day, learn why an air conditioning maintenance service agreement is a must.

Fresno air conditioningCommitting into a service agreement with a reputable HVAC company will ensure that your heating and cooling system doesn’t suffer due to negligence, improper care, and poor maintenance. A service agreement is a contract between the contractor and the owner of the unit being serviced.

How Can You Benefit From An Air Conditioning Service Agreement?

Although not all contracts are the same, the terms may vary from one company to another, there are five top benefits that should be present in your agreement if you are unsure which company to hire.

  • Priority Service For AC Repair Maintenance
    This applies when your AC unit breaks down and you’re in need of a rush repair. Your repair request will be prioritized over other requests that doesn’t have maintenance agreement. Service is made easier with a transparent contract.
  • Checkup Reminders For Systems
    Before the cold season bows out to summer, the company will send a reminder about a scheduled maintenance, which means you will be prioritized in the scheduling of technicians to ensure your system will not fail.
  • Air Conditioner Unit Longevity
    A properly maintained home cooling system is sure to last longer than those that don’t even get an annual checkup or tune up. With the existence of an agreement, there is a much higher probability that yours will last statistically 50% longer.
  • Repair & Service Discounts
    This is another benefit you’ll get from a reputable company such as Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating. With our maintenance program, consumers are entitled to annual or bi-annual scheduled checkups and tune ups at a discounted rate. Not only that, emergency repairs are eligible for discounts too. You are not only saving money by keeping your unit fully functional, you pay less on repairs as well.
  • Systematic Documentation
    Contractors will keep a record of every service they make per household. And the advantage of signing up for an agreement is that the company will ensure that these records are well kept and every visit is properly documented. These documentations are a plus when it’s time to sell the house. It can be used as a proof of your cooling system’s condition.

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating’s Transparency

Since we have been servicing Fresno air conditioning units for over 40 years, you’ll have more than these five benefits when you sign up to a contract with us. Our technicians are highly skilled in the HVAC industry and have been practicing this profession for many years. Best be active now before you need to live without an A/C.  Leaving your service delinquent may end up in your having to purchase a new unit.

If it is expertise in the field, competency in every job, and professionalism throughout the scheduled inspection you require; our technicians’ qualities don’t fall short. Take advantage of our free consultation and openly discuss your situation with us. We’ll give you valuable professional advice!