Air Conditioning Thermostat: Setting the Temperature Right to Save Energy

When it feels too warm or too cold for your comfort, oftentimes the immediate solution is to adjust the settings of the thermostat to address the problem. You then circulate air that will fix your problem after just a press of a button. A thermostat is your best friend when it comes to communicating with your Fresno air conditioning unit.

However, this isn’t its only function. Aside from setting the temperature right for your home or business, there is much more to learn about this smart tool and how it can help you save on utility costs this summer.

Understanding How A Thermostat Works | Home Air Conditioning

Clovis air conditioningMost homes today rely on a smart thermostat simply because it’s easy to operate, uses sensors, and it can be programmed – which is very useful especially when you’re away or out of town. This is why it is equally important to learn the different types, or at least learn the basics about each type to optimize your energy savings.

In a guide posted in, it says there are three types of thermostats:


It allows you to change the current temperature from each wall unit in your house— there are usually one or two in a home. It’s pretty uncomplicated, and the temperature you set it at is what it’s left as. No hassle, no change.


It allows you to change the settings once for the household’s daily or weekly needs. It also eliminates guesswork so you can stop worrying about turning down the AC before walking out of the house. And the best feature is “it can offer as many as eight different climate control zones. This means that you can heat or cool specific rooms whenever you want to, and choose individual temperature settings.

Smart and Wifi-Enabled Thermostats

With this type, you’re able to control the temperature settings from your smartphone or other connected devices. The wireless or Wi-Fi enabled type has a sensor that can control the temperature on its own.

Save Energy | Setting the Right AC Temperature

Now, let’s look at these thermostat-related energy saving tips!

  • Be mindful of the outside temperature. While your device is trying to cool down the inside of your home, it will be a standoff against the outside heat. It will now have to work double to cool down the inside of the house with a larger gap in temperature. To avoid this, set the temp as close to the outside temp as possible while still maintaining a comfortable atmosphere within your home.
  • Give it time to work it out. It’s only natural to pump up your system when you get home after a tiring and hot day. But there is only so much work the AC can do at a time. Once the settings are adjusted according to your preference, wait for a few minutes for your space to gradually cool down. Expert technicians from Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating often advise clients to be considerate of their comfort system as it is one of the best ways in prolonging its life.
  • Maintain a routine AC service schedule. Just as we take all necessary measures to ensure that every client enjoys a reliable comfort system from a new AC installation, we put the same importance on keeping the HVAC system working throughout each season all year ‘round. A routine and regular maintenance service keeps unwanted breakdowns and malfunctions out of the system.

From air conditioner system estimates to routine checkup and tuneup, Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating provides workable cooling and heating solutions unique to every home. Talk to us today! Read about anti theft tactics or preventing termites.