What Is Home Energy Audit? | Air Conditioner Service Near Me

Did you ever wonder exactly how much electricity you consume and lose at the same time? What about finding out which appliance or equipment in your home is eating up too much power? Wouldn’t you want to know how you can make your home more energy efficient? Have you heard of a home energy audit? Why listen to us? We are a leader in air conditioner service in Fresno.

A home energy audit (or survey) evaluates an existing home to determine where and how energy is being lost, what systems are operating inefficiently and what cost-effective improvements can be implemented to enhance occupant comfort, make the home more durable and lower utility costs,” taken from a published post in an energy services site.

AC heating and air conditioning servicesSpecially trained and certified technicians will conduct an assessment of your home from top to bottom. The main purpose of the assessment is to check the general energy performance of a home, which includes:

  • Overall comfort level – hot/cold spots, indoor air quality stuffiness, unpleasant odors
  • Health and safety inspection – moisture, carbon monoxide levels, indoor air quality problems
  • Air sealing opportunities
  • Insulation
  • Heating system efficiency
  • Cooling system efficiency

How Can You Benefit From An Energy Survey?

With the constant use of an AC, along with other electrical equipment within the house, the utility bill can increase significantly. An increase in the energy consumption is a matter most households want to control, and bring down whenever possible without sacrificing their home comfort. An audit is one of the driving factors that can help you control the amount of power being consumed, or wasted.

By finding out which equipment is inefficient, you’re close enough to saving more money on your bills. The constant use of your AC heating and air conditioning services mustn’t be sacrificed just so you can save, especially when the air is just too dry and weather is extremely humid. Here’s how an energy audit can help you.

Increase in savings, decrease in utility bills. A detailed report after an audit is conducted will give you a bigger picture on cost-effective measures that can be undertaken to ensure your home is more efficient.

Hidden problems are uncovered. Issues like improper ventilation or dysfunctional ducting can remain unnoticed for some time or until the issue gets complicated. After an audit, these type of issues are seen. You may have to contact an Air Conditioning Contractor to ensure that any ducting or ventilation issue is addressed accordingly. For more information about AC ductwork or home air conditioner service, visit aamarthedal.com/

Home comfort is enhanced. Air leakage, if left undiscovered, can greatly affect the home comfort and may raise health threat for the family. A leakage can bring in pollutants that can trigger eye, ear, or nose irritation or skin allergies. With an audit, you can safeguard the overall safety and health of the family.

Property marketability and resale value is increased. For every dollar you can save from your utility bill, the market value of your property increases. It also gives the homeowner the opportunity to reinvest the saved money from power reduction back into mortgage payments.

What Does This Mean For Your Air Conditioning Service?

The heating and cooling services account for about 43 percent of your utility bill, according to the Department of Energy.

“While addressing your home’s heating and cooling systems, bear in the mind that leaky duct systems can be the biggest wasters of energy in your home, according to Charley Cormany, executive director of Efficiency First California, a nonprofit trade organization that represents energy-efficient contractors.” an excerpt from a post on Chicago Tribune.

Therefore, you need an AC heating and air conditioning service that won’t just provide comfort, you need one that is truly efficient. Talk to one of the expert technicians at Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating to find out how to properly and effectively maintain a cost-effective AC unit.