Is a Bomb Cyclone Dangerous?

The term bomb cyclone has been making rounds in different media and news outlets after the cold temperature spiked up at an alarming rate. The term itself sounds a bit scary, but what exactly is a bomb cyclone? Is a Bomb Cyclone Dangerous, is it some kind of retaliation by mother nature? And will it affect all the heating units in Fresno CA?

The answer, as with so many things when it comes to winter weather, is: It depends. A bomb cyclone is, essentially, a powerful low-pressure system that rapidly intensifies. If that sounds a lot like a hurricane, you’re not too far off. The ‘bomb’ part of the name refers to the phenomenon when the pressure inside a storm cell falls so quickly that it gives the storm explosive strength,” says Chris Morris in his post.

Additionally, “the term bomb cyclone comes from the scientific term “bombogenesis,” which is a storm that drops 24 millibars of pressure over 24 hours.

How To Survive A Bombogenesis?

heating and cooling servicesLike any other winter storms, which can likely affect Fresno, every household must prepare with a reliable heating system. Aside from that, there are also things one can accomplish to stay warm and safe during the winter cold.

What To Do Before The Storm Hits

Learn the basics of heating systems. Frozen pipes can happen anytime, which may cause the pipes in your house to burst. Learning how to turn off the water valves in your home in case a crisis arises can be a life-saving skill.

Get a readily available emergency kit. Prepare enough water and non-perishable food on hand for at least 3 days. And don’t forget to include on your list: a first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, can opener, hand warmers, some warm clothes and cell phone chargers or power banks.

What To Do During The Storm

The safest thing to do when the storm hits is to stay indoors and wait until it passes. If you absolutely need to go out, remember these tips:

Cover yourself up. If it’s necessary to leave the confines of your home, make sure you dress in warm layers, including a tight fitting and water repellent coat. Ensure the loss of body heat is prevented by putting on your gloves, hat, and scarf.

Now is the best time to cuddle up and get cozy. Make sure your heating and cooling services in the house keep everyone from freezing. It’s always ideal to invest in ensuring your HVAC system will not fail when you will need it the most.

A maintenance check during the winter season can make sure that the heating system will not malfunction, make weird gurgling noises, circulate dirty air, or short-circuiting. You can have it scheduled ahead of time to avoid the seasonal demands of heating checkup and tuneup.

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