What is a Heating System Tune-up Deep Cleaning?

If you can clean your heating unit yourself, then why not? Has this service and maintenance crossed your mind at least once the entire time your heating system starts up? It will definitely help you save on maintenance cost if you can do the cleaning on your own.

But is it worth it? Can you achieve the same results as a professional service visit? Is it good for your system?

The Areas to Focus on | Central Heating Maintenance

Fresno central heatingBefore proceeding with your DIY plan, first get to know your system. Learn the key areas and parts that need to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. This includes the filters, air ducts, and vents among other important components. Also, find out which type of system is installed in your home. The most common are the furnace type and the heat pump type, both of which are connected to a duct system that is mainly responsible for circulating the heated air throughout the house.

Moreover, there are different types of ducting systems as well. Mainly, the forced air duct system and the gravity furnace system. How these ductworks operate vary and should be considered as well when cleaning the system on your own. Learn more about ductwork types in this post.

More Areas to Check Before Conducting a Home Heating and Air Clean-up

Check filters regularly. Filters that are blocked with accumulated dust, dirt, grime, or other debris hinders the natural flow of air through the system. Change the filter at least every six months or as often as needed, especially during the winter months when the furnace, boiler, or heat pump is working relentlessly. First, check the size and type of filter that matches the unit to avoid inconveniences brought on by mismatched size or type. Disposable filters are more affordable so you might want to consider this looking for a new filter.

Check for sludge build up. When the unit is first installed, it will be cleaned thoroughly to remove particles and other things like flux used on soldered joints. This has to be done to ensure that corrosion within the unit is minimized for as long as possible. The heated air that contains oxygen, as it goes through the system, can lead to corrosion of the steel or metal parts. Once the deterioration of metal or steel begins, it can lead to sludge build up. And over time, this build up can cause frustrating issues and breakdowns.

Heater Tune Up at Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating

Indeed, learning about your central heating system and how it works efficiently can take time and patience, but it’s all worth it when it means having an efficient system for many years to come. At Marthedal Solar Air & Heating, it’s always the client’s comfort needs that matter the most. Whether it’s for installation, upgrade, regular maintenance, or repair service, we take pride in our professionalism and experience on the field.

For Fresno, Clovis, Madera, or Dinuba homes, we are just a call away. Check out our image gallery for a quick peek on our satisfactory service. Our last post is on boiler condensates or read another one on important components of your furnace.

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