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Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor in Clovis CA

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating – Clovis Air Conditioning has been in service for more than 40 years, providing different cooling services and solutions to households and businesses. We address common concerns that are most frequent to those in Clovis. There is nothing that we haven’t seen when it comes to heating and cooling.

Air Conditioner Contractor Professionals

Clovis heating repairIt’s no surprise that the needs of air conditioners for households and businesses is above that of the average Californian. Because of this, it’s a must to have an efficient and problem-free AC system, or else you risk having a home or office that is uncomfortable.

Repair Service – Homes and Business

An AC unit that is free from issues guarantees comfort and makes an efficient and problem-free air conditioner. Here are some typical issues you might see that will lead to an repair or service call:

  • Wrong temperature or no cool air emitted at all
  • Weak or little air flow in the AC vents
  • Thermostat meter is not reading correctly
  • Accumulation of moisture in areas where it should not be moist
  • Squealing, grating, grinding sounds when it’s turned on (causing you NOT to turn it on)
  • Pungent, foul or otherwise strange/ non-normal odors coming from vents

New Installations and Replacing Old Units

When you need to call for a service visit, it’s likely because you have a malfunctioning or problematic air conditioner. Sometimes, a common repair  isn’t enough to fix the problem. When the damage is too far advanced or there are likely to be chances of a repeat jobs on the same issue, it might be time to consider installation of a new unit.

Options for HVAC

A new unit is much more efficient and has hi-tech features and functionalities that are more environment-friendly. Not to mention the amount of money you’ll save from repeat service and repair visits. Consider your options or ask for an expert advice when you’re unable to decide whether to purchase a new A/C or withstand an older malfunctioning unit.

Clovis Heating Contractor

Clovis heatingWhen the summer months subside, the valley can get a bit cold. Over Christmas and into January, it’s crucial to ensure that your heating system is ready to provide comfort. Is your heating system ready to tackle the cold months ahead? Is your home prepared to provide the needed heat? Don’t play the odds, make sure that you are ready to be warm inside your own home.

Prompt Heating Repair

Although snow is a rare occurrence in Clovis, during winter, it can become unforgivably cold. There are health risks that can only be prevented with a fully functional heating system. This is why it’s necessary to make sure that your furnace is at peak performance level even before the cold months strike.

When there is an absence of unpleasant noise coming from the furnace, no cold spots or ice formation within the house, no issues with air quality, and no issues with the heater turning on or staying on; then these are some signs that your heater is strong enough to survive the coldest days of the year.

Reliable Heating Service

Early preparation can help you detect possible issues that may cause the heater to malfunction or breakdown during a time its needed the most. What does early preparation entail?

It means a routine and systematic checkup before turning on the furnace for the first time in the cold season. A routine maintenance check is mostly recommended by experts so that broken parts, loose connections, or replacement needs are addressed accordingly.

Fast and reliable repair is crucial because you don’t want your household to wait for a repair visit in the cold. Be ready and let a trusted heating contractor help you prepare for winter.

Clovis Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor

Solar Energy Contractor

Choosing to go solar is a wise economic choice, especially for the environment. Renewable energy can help consumers significantly save on utility bills in the years to come along, and solar power is one of the leading sources of limitless renewable energy.

Solar Energy Solutions

We offer solar panel mounting solutions to homes, buildings, farmlands, and other structures that need energy to operate. Our major focus is on:

  • Residential Solar
  • Commercial Solar
  • Agricultural Solar

Additional services offered:

  • Experienced solar installers
  • Free shade analysis to maximize sun exposure
  • Solar monitoring included
  • Built to last you decades
  • 24/7 customer support

To ensure that you can maximize the full potential of your solar panel system, we also provide routine maintenance and professional repairs. Most of our panel systems are sturdy and built to withstand the changing of seasons. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity and start saving while helping the environment.