Clovis, California: History, Facts, and Information

Clovis is a city in Fresno County, California, incorporated in February 27, 1912. The city is called the Gateway to the Sierras because it is close to the Sierra Nevada mountain chains – a mountain range in the Western United States, between the Central Valley of California and the Great Basin. The city got its name from Clovis Cole, one of the two farmers who sold a portion of his land for a right-of-way to the San Joaquin Valley Railroad (SJVRR) in the 1890’s. When a station for the railroad was established on the west side of the tracks, it was named after Cole’s first name.

The latest population is about 106,583. There are several interesting attractions to visit if you’re in town, and it is a great city if you like sports, museums, cafes, or restaurants. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it in this city.

Places to Visit in Clovis CA

ClovisThere are many beautiful places that you certainly will enjoy visiting, doesn’t matter if you are with your family, friends or on your own; you will find a good activity to do, inside or outside. A good place to start is Old Town Clovis. There, you can find stores, cafes and restaurant with so many options. Another amazing place to visit is the Wild Water Park. This is ideal for families or a group of friends who loves water slides and wave pools. It’s a good way to spend time, both for kids and adults, and an attraction without age limit.

Do you enjoy hiking, fishing or skiing? If you do, check out the Sierra National Forest which is known for its mountain scenery and natural resources. If you aren’t into nature trips, the K1 Raceway maybe the right spot for you. It’s a karting zone that also serves foods and drinks. Or you can have a complete fun event at the AMF Rodeo lanes for the ones who enjoy bowling.

Diversity runs in the city, the same goes for the different tourist attraction that caters to children and adults. There is a museum for motorcycle lovers and Master’s gallery for art enthusiasts. Any time or day, the Gateways to Sierra will have something for you to do.

The Climate in Clovis, California

“The climate in Clovis is referred to as a local steppe climate. In Clovis, there is little rainfall throughout the year. This climate is considered to be BSk according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. The average annual temperature in Clovis is 16.9 °C. About 311 mm of precipitation falls annually.”

This is why renewable energy in the form of solar power is becoming popular. Massive panel systems can be installed in farm lands and other areas with huge open spaces, while residents can have the panels installed on their roofs.

And with this climate, you may want to look for a Clovis AC Service in town. Read more about Clovis air conditioning. Also, check out these Fresno HVAC services.

Clovis Botanical Garden

Built in 2002, the Botanical garden spans three acres with plants that are local in the region. These plants are special because they can withstand both the heat of the summer months and cold days in winter. Mainly dedicated to ecology and conservation, it takes a sustainable approach to gardening and has a ‘water wise’ plan to conserve water in the area. Plan your itinerary when visiting the place or have a local volunteer tour guide to fill you in with the history of the place.