Commercial HVAC Services and Upgrades Before Summer

How does commercial HVAC help with your capital upgrade? Does it really help improve the value of your property?

Many business owners in the country are willing to spend money on improvement projects each year, yet they get less in return for these spendings. The return of investment (ROI) is less than the total expenses. It isn’t so bad if it means one can work in a more comfortable, fully functional, or aesthetically pleasing workspace. But it will be so much better if there is a way to maximize ROI by avoiding costly renovation mistakes and identifying which upgrades will be most beneficial for you.

Commercial air conditioning services, heating, and other HVAC services are one of the safest and smartest investments. Yet, many people are unaware of the potential of HVAC upgrades and often overlook them.

HVAC Maintenance and Improvements

If you’re thinking about remodeling your office or warehouse for more space, or better convenience, here are some upgrades worth your time and money.

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Basement Project

Who doesn’t like a spacious basement? A finished basement adds extra space, a space you can use mainly for storage, an extra office, or an entertainment area for guests. It is well insulated too which makes cold during summers and warm in winters. This additional space also adds value to the property.

Take Down Some Walls

Removing some of the inner walls creates space and will provide a more open vibe, it becomes welcoming. Partially or completely open work spaces, conference rooms, and eating areas and a kitchen allows more natural light which is always inviting. It doesn’t feel cramped or crowded.

It’s necessary to consult with a structural engineer or interior designer for proper structural support before proceeding with any upgrade.

Paint Touch Up

Repainting both the interior and exterior, will definitely give your home a new look. But if you’re on a tight budget, you necessarily have to repaint everything. Focus on the flaking or chipping paint. Pressure washing the walls to remove stubborn dirt and mold will also help.

Tip: Repainting the door with a bright or bold color will make it stand up against a neutral exterior, which will give more character to your property.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Go for an inexpensive makeover, one that will give important areas a new look. Kitchens are not so common in businesses, but they do add tremendous value for the more worker-centric business. New and stylish drawer knobs, pulls, and faucets give a room a modern touch. This minimal and affordable upgrade can add value. Matte-type stainless steel fixtures flaunt a contemporary vibe.

Low-Flow Toilets Are In

Purchasing a low-flow toilet means substantial water savings — ranging from 1.9 to 7 gallons (7 to 26 liters) per flush. In fact, when you replace an older model toilet with a low-flow toilet, you can permanently reduce your use of bathroom water by 50 percent. And that can mean substantial financial savings. Saving water with a low-flow toilet can reduce utility costs by about $78 per year.” –

Of Course, Pump Up the HVAC

Your commercial A/C and heating service upgrade is critical. It is easy to spot an old, broken, or defective HVAC system. Above all upgrades and renovations on the list, this one should be taken seriously and be made priority. This system will keep the building comfortable throughout every season.

Commercial HVAC Replacement or Repair?

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The heating and cooling system is a silent worker which keeps indoor spaces comfortable and cozy. It makes our lives less stressful when we are at home. Being an effective system in the background, it is often one of the most neglected machines you own.

Now is the best time to start looking into the state of the air conditioning system. You have overlooked the fact that it needs a tech visit soon. Or that it has seen several technicians over a recurring problem that seems to be getting worse every visit. No matter what it may be, you’ll eventually have to consider if another repair job is necessary or if it’s now the best time for a replacement.

Consider this…

The $5,000 Rule Often Works. The “$5,000 rule” is often used by HVAC Contractors to help them decide whether a repair job is worth the cost. Take the age of the unit and multiply it by the repair cost, if you get more then $5,000 as a result then it’s best to start looking into a new unit.

Energy Savings Always Count. Yes, new AC installation can be expensive. That is why one must need to think it over and weigh every possible option to ensure maximum savings. But the cost of a new installation may be offset by the energy savings. This is because new units are undeniably more energy efficient. You are looking at up to 20% more efficiency or 15% less energy use with a new system compared to a 10 year old AC or a furnace that is over 15 years in use. The improvement in performance always translates to the amount you can save on your monthly utility bills.

Check Your HVAC Performance. When a system is already in use for years, breakdowns happen. At first, small issues will only require quick repair work and thorough cleaning and fine tuning. But continuous use and overwork put stress on the system, small issues become bigger problems. Aside from breakdowns, increasing energy bills, uneven heating or cooling, high humidity, and noisy HVAC system are other indicators of an HVAC’s diminishing lifespan.

Talk to Your Technician. Your trusted HVAC Contractor can provide valuable advice whether to repair or replace the unit. Their recommendations are based on their expertise on the field. It’s best to work with the people whose advice you completely trust.

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