How Important Is The Condensate Drain in Air Conditioning

Like many other components of a fully functional air conditioner service, the condensate drain or simply known as the air conditioning drain line plays an important role in keeping the unit running smoothly. Not many know of its functionality and how it helps keep the AC problem free. Furthermore, not many know of the serious issues it can cause to the unit when it’s clogged with dirt and grime.

What is a Condensate Drain? | Air Conditioner Service

Fresno air conditioningA condensate draining system is the exit route for moisture as air passes through the evaporator coil. Mainly, the coil removes humidity from the air, converting it to water. It is deposited into the pan, passes through the draining line, all the way down to the exit pipe. The drippings from the exit pipe are a clear sign that your AC system is working well.

However, over time, it gets clogged with goo, dirt, algae, microbes, and other sticky substances that block the fluid passage, which can cause an overflow and then flooding of the unit. If this happens, it can mean irreparable water damage to both the cooling system and your home. This is the kind of trouble you will want to prevent.

Other Issues That Can Lead to Expensive AC Repair Jobs

  • Ice formation – ice can form in the pipes and on the AC coils which can severely damage the air conditioner .
  • Water overflow – When the pan overflows, the accumulated fluid will spill inside the AC. You can see small pools on the floor which eventually will damage the ceilings, carpets, and furnishings. Depending on where the AC unit is located, the severity of the damage can be disastrous.

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Professional AC Repair and Maintenance

These are the kinds of issues you do not want in your home, especially this summer season. Clogging can be easily addressed with the help of an HVAC technician. If you see water pooling around the unit, moisture on the walls and ceilings, or no dripping water from the exit point, seek professional assistance right away.

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As a preventive measure, we always recommend having an annual maintenance checkup and tuneup to your heating and cooling system while detecting possible problems, before the repairs get too expensive. It may prevent your system freezing!

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