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If you’ve been in California for years you know how hot the summer season can be. The many health risks due to heat waves, months of drought, or wildfires erupting out of nowhere; these are the effects of some of the worst summer seasons in the region.

With all the concerns regarding extreme heat and dry weather, residents in the valley rely heavily on their air conditioning system to stay comfortable and safe from any health risks brought on by hot summers.

Air Conditioner Contractor

Having a high-quality cooling system is a necessity. Knowing that you have a system that you can trust can give you a peace of mind.

But what if your current unit is old or outdated? What if you’ve had many service calls to fix the same problem again and again? Does it seem like you can’t get the best out of your AC even with a soaring electricity bill?

Home Repair

Dinuba air conditioningWith the things we see on the news about the summer days getting hotter, and possibly deadly for those with existing medical conditions, it’s wise to stay alert and keep your AC efficient and fully functional.

Don’t settle for an old system that doesn’t give you the assurance and peace of mind. Instead, invest in a system that guarantees energy-efficiency, high-quality ventilation, outstanding ductwork, and most important of all- a worthy investment.

Installation of New Units

You have to work with a professional contractors to get the best results including:

  • Fast installation – Completion of system installation can be done in a day, with all of your questions answered.
  • Varied options – May it be a centralized system, ductless/mini-split air conditioner, or window type; choose what’s best for your home and your budget.
  • Quick service visits – Technicians should visit right away when something goes wrong, not a week after the AC stops working.
  • Admirable repair job – Get the best of your money with a Grade A repair job by a skilled technician, no less than that.

How About Your Ductwork?

Ducts for central AC can also be used for heating and filtering system. Since it has many uses, it’s beneficial for your property if the ductwork is undoubtedly of high standard.

Flexible ducts are best for homes with tricky spaces where rigid ducts are just not possible to install, or used to attach non-flexible ductwork to an air supply outlet. It’s typically tube-shaped, made of a wire coil covered with a bendable, durable plastic, and surrounded by insulation.

Rigid ducts come in a variety of materials and sizes. It’s either cylindrical or rectangular and is often insulated. This type is enduring and reliable, often used in buildings and offices.

Talk to a professional to know which ductwork best suits your space.

Maintenance, Service and What’s at Stake

Your Dinuba air conditioner service deserves the proper maintenance and aftercare. After installation, when the system runs fluidly, most people tend to forget that it needs attention too, just like any appliance or gadget at home.

It can only run for year after year free of accidental shutdowns or unexpected breakdown if it’s maintained properly. What does proper maintenance mean?

  • Conduct an annual inspection to check for issues that can lead to an expensive repair.
  • Perform routine checkup to detect dirty filters, trapped dirt inside the unit, and any other material that can hinder the normal function of the system.
  • Carry out AC tune-ups to tighten loose wiring, screws, and misplaced fittings.

Heating Contractor – Services and Skills

A home in Dinuba with strong heater during winter is mandatory. It’s as important as a working cooling system in summers.

Freezing cold wind, cold corners and walls, ice-cold tap water; all these and more can make your winter days hellish. No one wants to be stuck with a non-functioning furnace heater. You have to be prepared for the cold months, make sure that your heating system will not fail when you need it the most.

Imagine preparing for sleep, getting ready to lie down and rest your tired body after a long day at work only to discover that your bed isn’t warm and comfy as you expect it to be. Instead, you are greeted with a bed that is chilling and distressing because your heating system provides inadequate heat.

How about finding one cold room next to a properly warmed room? Or finding areas in your home that are unevenly heated? Quite stressful isn’t it?

Different Heating Options – Furnaces and Heaters

Dinuba air conditioning repairDo not suffer through the winter months because you have a dysfunctional heating unit. You deserve better options, a solution that won’t just maintain the desired temperature in your home but also help you save on your energy bills. Consider these options:

Furnace – With honest ratings based on AFUE our heating systems range in efficiency from 80-95%, which equals bigger savings for you. Learn more about efficiency ratings from our experts to find out the right system for your needs.

Heat Pumps – This device works well in homes located in warmer climates, making them an excellent option for economical warming in Fresno. Heat pumps come in different styles, each unique in the source they use to transfer heat, including transfer via air and water.

Radiant Floor Heating Systems – This system offers one of the most effective and efficient ways to heat a home or business, providing an even temperature throughout. We offer 3 options which include systems transferring energy via air, electricity, or water.

Heating Repair, Furnace Tune-ups

Of course, heating systems aren’t complete without a reliable contractor to repair and provide furnace tune-ups. It is a fact that a system will encounter issues along the way as it works non-stop to provide comfort in your home. This is completely normal and should not be a cause for worry, especially if it is properly maintained through regular checkup and tune-up.

An expert technician can easily spot probable causes that may lead to serious repairs on your unit, and it’s his job to fine tune the unit so costly repair jobs can be prevented. Don’t settle for less than what your heater deserves, partner up with a trusted contractor anywhere in the San Joaquin Valley.

Fresno HVAC & Air Conditioning Service

Dinuba air conditioning

Residential Solar Contractors

Solar energy is a great contribution to preserving and protecting the environment from the harmful effects of fossil fuel byproducts. The emission of carbon monoxide and other products of combustion have damaged the ozone layer or ozone shield that absorbs most of the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

Since energy harnessed from the sun is renewable and inexhaustible, opting to this form of energy source achieves two magnanimous goals: to save on utility bills over the years to come and help heal the ozone layer.

Switching to residential solar power is being pushed by the California state and has introduced the HERO Program wherein residents who are interested and are qualified to avail of the program and get solar financing options to help pay for energy efficient upgrades, including the installation of solar panels.

Commercial and Agricultural Solar Energy Panel Systems

Owning a business or running an agricultural farm can be expensive in terms of production and energy consumption. With the increasing popularity of solar energy, many businesses are choosing to install solar panels to save money where they can. Depending on your available space, there are different mounting options to choose from:

  • Roof Mount
  • Ballast System
  • Ground Mount
  • Custom Solar Structure

You can find air conditioning, heating, and solar services in one place, at Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating – Fresno Air Conditioning. Our technicians have been on the field for years and have responded to all heating and cooling service calls.

If you’re looking to find sensible deals for new unit installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement, we can help you. Call us today!