DIY Furnace Tune up Checklist

The energy consumption on winters is costly, which includes maintenance and tuneup. It’s not a surprise that most people are eager to try tips about ways to best save on energy usage. Here’s a quick and easy furnace tune up checklist to get through the holidays!

Tips such as adding a layer or two of your clothing while you’re indoors, warming up just a room or two and huddling in one area, or turning the thermostat a few numbers down to a tolerable temperature are only a few of the best tips out there.

But did you know? A good home heating and cooling services maintenance is proven to be one of the best ways to take charge of your monthly energy bill.

At Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, we place great value in proper care and handling of your repair and service. Why so? It’s your comfort system, your partner throughout the cold season.

Do-It-Yourself: Can You Really Maintain Your Own Heater?

furnace serviceAre you a person who loves to tinker on gears and machines? Or are you the type of person who loves to keep everything spotlessly clean? If you are, then you will find these DIY tips from Family Handyman worth checking out!

Make sure the power is off. Flip the electrical power switch to “Off.” Remove the combustion chamber door by lifting up and pulling it out, and remove the burner cover (if you have one). It’s usually held in place by two screws.

Vacuum the burners. Turn off the power switch again and shut off the gas by giving the valve one-quarter turn. Vacuum the burners and the furnace base. Vacuum everywhere you see dust. While everything is open, use a flashlight to look for signs of soot (fine black powder), which often indicates poor combustion. Lift off the lower door (blower door) and vacuum the blower compartment.

Clean the blower blades carefully. Clean the blower blades thoroughly with a vacuum and small brush. Take care not to stress the wiring or disturb the counterweights that will be on the fan blades. If you can’t clean the blower thoroughly, don’t clean it at all; you could throw it off balance.

Use a drinking straw to dust the pilot. Blow the dust off the pilot. Direct air to the exact spot by blowing through a drinking straw. A dirty pilot can cause the flame sensor (or thermocouple) to get a false reading that the pilot isn’t lit.

Let The Pro Conduct the Furnace Repair Service

The primary concern when performing a DIY maintenance checkup and tune-up is safety. Ensure that the entire system is switched off before touching the unit. If this a job you aren’t confident doing yourself, call a professional.

Expert HVAC professionals are trained individuals whose job is to keep your furnace smooth running and free of issues the entire time you will need its services. We always encourage our clients to enroll in the Maintenance Program. It is a program where homeowners can enjoy regular annual checkup and tune-up at a convenient schedule and get parts replacement at a discounted price.

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