What Are the Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems?

What is the major difference between a ductless and a ducted air conditioning system? It’s the installation cost.

For homeowners and businesses looking for practical and cost-effective ways to cut down electricity usage, a ductless HVAC system can be much more efficient and consistent in providing comfort. This is because the main components of this type air conditioner are typically a wall-mounted indoor unit combined with an outside compressor, which means one can save on planning, installation, and maintenance of HVAC ducts.

Save on Installation | Keep Your AC Rolling

clovis air conditioningYou may have heard of ductless cooling, or sometimes referred to as split systems or mini-splits, but you’ve never researched why this type of cooling system is widely adopted in other parts of the world while gaining more popularity in the country. Now is the time to wonder why it’s becoming a preferred option in many homes and businesses.

Now, here’s why:

Better Temperature Control – With split systems, you have full control over where you would like to place the unit and how many units you want. And since you can place the unit anywhere you want within your home, you can skip the stress and hassle of reconstructing your home to give space to the ducts. Also, you can strategically place them in areas where it’s naturally warmer and still maintain the desired temperature. Compared to a centralized unit, you have a complete control.

Environment-Friendly – Carbon footprint older units are often associated with is a major issue, especially now that environmentalists are getting more proactive in protecting the environment. You can do share in protecting Mother Nature when using a mini-split air conditioning. These units can be placed in specific rooms without cooling areas that are not in use. The amount of energy used with this setup is significantly lower and effectively reducing environmental impact.

Savings on Unit Installation – If we count the pros of using this system, the installation process will probably rank first. How so? For one, this type of AC system requires little time and effort to install in your home. The technician can finish the job in significantly less time than they would with a traditional model. You can have a new AC in a single day!

And lastly, Substantial Savings – Savings, savings, savings. That’s what’s most beneficial when going ductless. Their centralized counterparts eat up energy and bills will shoot up, and there’s no undoing it because households need to cool down when summer is just unforgivably hot. Whereas mini-splits need far lesser energy to operate efficiently. You’ll see a huge drop in your monthly bills once you switch to a split type.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Duct System?

If there is a way to save on your utility bills, house maintenance, basic necessities, or even with an emergency AC repair service, will you not grab the opportunity? There are a lot of heating and cooling services available for your home. And Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating has solutions you may not know you actually need. Call us today!

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