Protect Your Air Conditioner from Dust This Summer

On a routine basis, it’s normal to clean your home – wipe the dust off the tabletops, vacuum the floor, brush the dirt on the bathroom tiles. It’s essential to tidy up your space as often as possible. But did you know that one important part of the household gets little attention most of the time, and sometimes get neglected?

Your air conditioner service is important, and some thorough cleaning. One of the toughest air conditioning performance problems is dust built up. You don’t easily see it, but it’s there and the greater the buildup, the bigger chances of spending a lot on repairs.

How to Reduce Dust in Your House | AC Service

air conditioner service FresnoAlthough regular cleaning takes care of dust and dirt build up, sometimes it isn’t enough. Many people think that if they get the air ducts cleaned and sealed properly will solve the problem, however, this isn’t always the case and a sudden system breakdown might come as a surprise. A dust-free duct is a good practice, but eliminating the cause of buildup is much more effective.

Tips in Keeping Your Space Dust-Free

Find the right vacuum cleaner. Unsurprisingly, one of the primary causes of spreading dust around your house is vacuuming. Some particles pass through the vacuum filter and go airborne, floating around waiting until they settle back down on your furniture or for you to breathe those particles in. You can’t let your own body do the filtering. And of course, they can stick to your home air conditioning service like a piece of gum. Find a vacuum cleaner with a good HEPA filter and don’t forget to change them every six months or less.

Avoid using fabric softeners on cleaning rags. You might have a collection of cleaning rags and microfiber cloths that you use when cleaning. These cleaning essentials are easy to use and you can reuse them anytime. Avoid using fabric softeners or dryer sheets when washing and drying these rags. These products have chemicals in them that make the fabrics less effective in picking up dust and become less absorbent. Can you imagine the amount of dust that will end up in your ac unit?

Clean up or upgrade your AC filters. Your best defense against invading contaminants is a highly efficient filter. Dust is always present in your home, but with a quality filter, you can slow down the rate of dust accumulation. A high-quality paper or pleated fabric filter is ideal and can be cleaned or replaced every 3-6 months.

Air Pollutants Can Harm Your Air Conditioning System

Completely eliminating dust, dirt, and other pollutants can be a tough case to crack. But with a few tricks and some helpful tips, you can keep a good amount of dust off of your AC. What will you do when your AC Freezes over? You might need a repair call, this is what happens during a maintenance visit.

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating encourages homeowners to take extra care of their cooling and heating systems without spending too much time and effort. This can be done through a regular maintenance visit and routine tune-up. Learn how you can take advantage of is program and extend the longevity of your system. Call us today!