Our Favorite Spots In And Around Fresno, California

Fresno is an ideal places to visit in summer for families and friends to get a new slice of adventure, form life-long bonds, and build memories worth keeping and sharing.

fresno californiaWhile California offers fun and exciting activities, there are many ways to enjoy this amazing place. People escape to the coast, far from San Joaquin Valley, in order to leave the heat behind, but with a proper air conditioning in Fresno, you can stay and enjoy!

Did you know that Fresno, CA is packed with famous and historic boulevards? They go far back in history and tell stories of their own.

Here are some from the old days, if you’re a 2nd or 3rd generation Fresno resident, no doubt your family knows these spots well through history. If you are new to the area and want to get a feeling for the history of Fresno’s yesteryears, visit these places!

Historical Huntington Boulevard

Huntington Boulevard is the most preferred residence for education, business, and prominent political figures over the last 100 years. Located in the heart of Fresno’s most architecturally praised neighborhoods, it has been described by Daniel Solomon – a San Francisco architect and a University of California Berkeley professor – as one of the great boulevards of the world.

We used to have a commercial property on Huntington Blvd. It got quite cold in the winter months but heating in Fresno CA was not a popular thing at the beginning of the last century unless you were burning a wood stove!

Buggy and Cable Car Lane – Kearney Boulevard

The 7-mile stretch of the Kearney Boulevard started downtown at Fresno Street marked by an Art-Deco style arch which was built in 1933. Originally, the road has three lanes – the south lane was for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, the center lane was for buggies and wagons, and the north lane was for an electric street car, which unfortunately never came to be.

The Holy Trinity Church

This Armenian Apostolic church in Fresno, CA was built in 1914. It is the first church built in the traditional Armenian style architecture in the U.S. It has served as a focal point for the Armenian community in Fresno since its construction, and is the oldest of its kind in the country. On July 31, 1986, the National Register of Historic Places added the edifice in their record. Learn more about Holy Trinity.

Fresno State University

More modern and conducive of intellectual prowess, the university is very unique and offers lots of interesting ways to spend time. There’s an on-campus planetarium, for stargazing. Also, a student-run grape vineyard has been quite prolific with the awarding of several hundreds of awards.

All of these outdoor activities might induce you to jump for a solar installer in Fresno, California who can yield those rays into affordable power, the same ones they use to grow delicious wines in the area!