Fig Garden Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor

Looking for the leading air conditioner company in Fig Garden, California? We been providing comfort systems in the area since 1976. We are the most trusted HVAC company across Fresno County. Whether you’re looking to stay cool or are in need of some quick repair, a scheduled AC service maintenance and tune-up, or a new unit installation and system altogether, we are one call away!

Rather than waiting for your air conditioner to die on you when you need it most, take prevent measures ahead of time! Call us for a scheduled maintenance visit. At this visit, we ensure the thermostat reads correctly, filter is spotlessly clean, that refrigerant is at the right level, and all other parts on our checklist are in order.

Air Conditioning Contractor

Fig garden heatingA dependable A/C system, one that is trusted by your household and works efficiently, is something that you should ensure will work before welcoming the season. If you’re uncertain of making it through the summer months and know that there is a need for a repair, what’s stopping you from making a call?

Repair Problems

Air conditioning repairs can be quite simple, so long as it is dealt with before it becomes a huge issue. Imagine your AC unit faltering on a 100 degree day! When it comes to cooling, the most effective way to preserve and prolong your investment is with proper maintenance and care.

Installation and Replacements

Sometimes, a repair or service isn’t enough to get back up and running. Air conditioners, like cars and other equipment and machinery, get old… especially with strenuous use during the local summer! A quality investment into your home is installing a new air conditioner. The current generation of ac units are crazy efficient will surprise you when you get your first utility bills.. Savings galore!

The tried and true method to a long and problem free unit is scheduled service. A regularly scheduled service when the seasons dramatically change is proper, and will save you over the long run.


Your system requires a professional that is certified to deal with its intricacies. You do not want to work with general contractors that do not specialize in HVAC systems. We are heating and cooling service experts, not a heating and plumbing and refrigerator and whatever-you-need-repaired service company. Confide only with the best!

Heating Contractor

Fall is here, Winter is approaching, and that means everyone can say goodbye to the hot summer months. But despite knowing that the new season will be cold and freezing, not many households will stop to think if their warmth will be provided for throughout the cold season, or if they have prepared enough to pass through the cold in comfort.

For this reason, Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating – Fresno Air Conditioning offers all types of heating solutions.

Furnace and Heating Repair

Fig garden californiaWhen the furnace is making weird sounds, it doesn’t get warm enough, or periodic pauses while the unit is on; these are clear signs that a repair call must be done quickly. Older units need more attention and maintenance. Often times, ignoring a small problem will develop into a larger issue.

Being in the business for more than 40 years, we can easily spot issues and apply the most appropriate solutions, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

Heating Service

Most households don’t consider their hvac system as they should. You use your car all the time, and get it regularly serviced, but what about the unsung hero of your home?

A routine service call is perfect for those who have a functioning heater, but are simply looking for a quick check-up or furnace tune up to ensure that it’s warm throughout the season! When winter is in full force, and something breaks, a repair call can be as far as 2 weeks out. A preventive checkup can help you from having to wait in the freezing cold!

Heating and Cooling Services

Whatever home comfort solutions you need, your system’s health rests in our expert hands! Call us today to discuss your heating and cooling needs!

Fig Garden Heating

Solar Energy Contractor – Home Solutions

Solar energy does not only produce sustainable energy; it also drops your power bills. We want you to have an affordable, dependable quality solar solution that is aesthetically installed and saves you money in years to come. Solar solutions are ideal for all types of residences, vineyards, farms, and commercial areas like:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural

Our company is a leading provider of solar solutions to the San Joaquin Valley. We work with larger scale systems, both indoor and outdoor, for whatever solar power needs. We aim to serve many households and businesses. Regardless of your energy needs, we are happy to deliver our expertise!

Fig Garden is local community dear to us and we know the needs of the locals well. Constantly staying up with the improvement in the city, we’d like to see it flourish!