Ask a Pro – How To Fix Air Conditioner Not Cooling

So your air conditioner isn’t working? Well, its working and making the typical sound but you are not feeling the effects. We’ll cover some of the most simple things that could be troubling your system, some of these are things you can fix yourself, and then some others more complex that might mean making a tune up or repair call. So, how to fix an air conditioner that is not cooling?

Simple Fixes for Your Central Air Conditioner 

Assume the best case scenario first. And run through this list of easy fixes. This list is short and straight forward. Start with priming your home to run your list. 

  1. Close windows and doors in all rooms.
  2. Make sure all supply and return vents have nothing obstructing them.
  3. Make sure your thermostat is set to a temperature below the actual temperature (and not set to ON, which often is just the FAN)
  4. If your air conditioning unit has a red reset button near the refrigerant line, hit that to restart the system.
  5. While you’re out there, double check that there are no leaves, debris or anything else blocking the unit’s air supply.

If none of the above seem faulty.. Then start it gets a bit more complex.

Residential AC Repair Fixesair conditioner service

This next list might be easy or hard depending on your ability, and handiness (or who is around to lend a hand!) but checking these will be your next option if the above items did not result in an improvement.

Dirty or otherwise clogged air filter

Whens the last time you changed your air filter? If your filter is clogged, the air might be struggling to get around. Double check this and replace often.

Problems an AC professional needs to solve

Here are just a few problems that a professional air conditioning contractor may need to fix:

Clean the HVAC Interior

Then go and check the HVAC unit. Clean it up! Theres the condenser, filters, and coil. If they’re dirty or clogged, this means the air flow is restricted. This can mean your unit is working harder than necessary- burdening both the system and your electric bill. Over time, the compressor can break down and cause a big repair call.

Check The Wiring

There’s a big chance the problem is electrical. Make sure that the wiring looks intact and is connected to proper outlets. There may be a tripped breaker or even a blown fuse.

ac duct replacementDuctwork- Whats it Look Like?

Get into the crawlspace, or in the attic and check the ducts. Are they cracked or lacking proper sealing and insulation? Perhaps the cool air is dissipating before it reaches the vents. This may mean your unit is working fine, but the transportation method to the home is broken.

Home AC Repair Near Me

If those simpler things don’t do the trick, then maybe you need a technician to visit and inspect. Here are some of the more common problems, according to this site.

Problem 1: A faulty or broken condenser fan motor

If the fan motor is bad, then the outdoor unit’s fan can’t help dissipate heat, meaning that the AC can’t cool your house.

Problem 2: Low refrigerant charge/refrigerant leak

Refrigerant is the liquid that absorbs the heat from your air. When you don’t have enough, your AC can’t absorb enough heat to cool the air. A low refrigerant level means one thing: you have a refrigerant leak.

Signs you have a refrigerant leak include:

Ice buildup on the refrigerant line and the outside unit

Bubbling or hissing noise

AC can’t cool home on especially hot days, but cools fine on cool days and at night

If you see these signs, turn off your AC and call a professional ASAP. Running the AC in this state can cause slugging in the compressor and damage it beyond repair.

Speaking of compressors…

Problem 3: A bad compressor

The compressor is the heart of the AC system, circulating refrigerant like blood between the inside and outside unit. If it’s damaged, then the AC can’t cool your air.

If there’s an issue with the compressor, then it may need replacing. Unfortunately the compressor is uber expensive. So unless you have a warranty on it, you’ll probably need to replace an entire outside unit.

An HVAC Repair Company Near You

If you’re drawing a blank still after this checklist.. It may be time to bring in the experts. 

Like any certified and licensed contracting industry, there are many around Fresno. If you do speak with one of our technicians, be sure to ask them about your system, and what you need to know.

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