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Fresno Furnace Repair and Service | Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating

When your heater stops working, what are you to do? Through the coldest part of winter, a faulty home comfort system is the last thing you want to deal with. As a Fresno expert in furnace repair and service, we are likely your best bet. Since 1976, we’ve been servicing homeowners in the valley with the best furnace service and heating repairs.

Furnace Service – Typical Issues Homeowners Have With Central Heating

When you don’t maintain your furnace as regularly as suggested, problems can surface. Even with routine service before and after seasons, pieces can fall apart. There are about 50 parts inside of the average furnace that can fail, especially as a system ages. When problems become persistent, it might be time for a replacement with a furnace installation.

In order to endure years and years, as many as 20, we suggest routine servicing of your central air unit. If you don’t typically have a trained HVAC technician to your house, you might come across some of the more typical (and expensive) heating issues with your central heater, and that’s when you’ll have to call for a furnace repair in Fresno.

furnace repairRoutine Maintenance Avoids Painful Repair Calls

While there are dozens of things that can typically happen inside of the heater or within the entire system, here is a quick list of problems that are most common, and a simple fix that might help you avoid a furnace repair call.

Troubleshooting Your Heater

  • Thermostat not on and not working (maybe replace batteries possibly, needs battery replacement)
  • Unit is not generating any heat (reset circuit breaker)
  • Unit not producing a satisfactory amount of heat (check the filter check for dirty filters)
  • Safety switch is set to off
  • Burner flames (not blue? (Likely dirty and need cleaning) or/
  • Electric ignition does not fire (reset unit to restart ignitor)
  • Does not blow air (can be many things – clogged blower, busted blower motor, thermostat run capacitor, or control board)
  • Noise emanating from the unit
  • Blower running nonstop (limit control switch replacement)

Fresno HVAC and Heating Experts

All of the above problems are routine calls that we help Fresno homeowners with year round. Remove your stress with our knowledgeable technicians, straightforward pricing, and prompt service. We seek to build long lasting relationships with our clients so that we can care for your needs as the years pass.

Our seasonal heating service check includes:

  • Oiling and cleaning of blower
  • Checking of vents
  • Cleaning the flame sensor
  • Inspection of the gas line
  • Cleaning debris from heat pump or intake and exhaust ventilation
  • Cleaning surface igniters
  • Cleaning of the pilot
  • Changing the filter
  • Removal, unblocking, and cleaning of the blower
  • Inspecting the burner flames

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