Do I Need To Get My Heater Serviced? | Winter Survival Mode

Winter has come. Along with it comes the dreadful thick layers of ice lying around places you don’t want them to be. Despite having more sunny days compared to neighboring cities and towns, California gets its fair share of stubborn winter cold. In Fresno, heating effectively is a way of offsetting the bad weather…

But a lot of our clients in the area take their hvac system for granted, and we often get service calls for long worn out units and the clients ask us why their system is in disrepair, “Do I need to get my heater serviced, can you help me with Heating Fresno CA?

Avoid the Biting Cold With Proper Central Heating Maintenance

At Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, we have serviced residential and businesses with proper heating systems through exceptional heater installation, proven to diligently work through this season and in the coming years.

Save On Energy With A Heating System Tune Up

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With the continuous use of your Fresno heating system, undoubtedly, your energy bill be soaring as well.

How exactly can you minimize the energy consumption in your home? Should you opt for a new furnace installation? Experts say, newer units are more energy efficient and has up to 95% efficiency rate. How much should a new furnace cost? Replacing your existing unit might cost you more than you are able to spend.

We know what exactly can help you save on utility bill without having to sacrifice so much.

Furnace Tune Up vs Unit Replacement

What is a heating system tune up?

Your existing system will require regular maintenance check to make sure it will work whenever it is needed to. The worst thing that could happen is for you to freeze in your own home because of malfunctioning water pipes or a broken thermostat.

Routine inspection can save you both time and money. Our company offers round the clock services to ensure that whatever problem arises, it is addressed accordingly, right away.
So long as your HVAC set up can handle the frequent service maintenance, you won’t have to replace your furnace. However, if unit issues and connection problems continues to barge in on your day to day activities, our technician will mostly likely suggest a replacement.

Home heater not blowing hot air.

When suggesting a replacement, our technicians take into consideration your capability to put up a new system. The HERO program is a great way to seek assistance. We coordinate with local and state agencies to provide you with easy financing through the California HERO program.

Layer Up, Keep Up

Multiple layers of clothing will surely help keep you warm throughout the season when going about your tasks outdoors. Here are some tips. Staying indoors, on the other hand, you might want to move around with lesser clothes for better comfort.

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating will make it possible with our detailed heated water pipelines and leak-proof duct system. Our yearly service agreements for residential customers include one cooling check-up and one heater check-up each year for semi-annual preventative care and maintenance.

Therefore, stop worrying about a furnace heater that could get busted anytime due to frequent, extensive use. Without a proper Fresno heating expert, your winter will be full of, heavy, and baggy clothes- even inside your home!

Home Heating Services Throughout Winter

Whether it is an emergency water heater repair, furnace help, or a quick chat about a new furnace cost estimate, we have a solid plan for you to last the winter cold.

There’s no reason to suffer through the cold of a Fresno winter- check out another article on winter heating needs. Call us today at 559-266-9525 for a consultation.

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