Why Furnace Cleaning Isn’t Just a One-Time Job

Winter is almost over and yet you still have to look for a furnace cleaning service . Why will you need to clean the furnace now when you’re almost done using it? Isn’t it time to start worrying about the air conditioning system in preparation for summer?

Religious furnace cleaning in the heating season is a practical practice. It’s your insurance to have a working and efficient heating system from start to finish throughout the cold months.

Day in, day out, the furnace works continuously to heat up homes and businesses. As the components work together to keep the system running, dust and dirt collect around the components and on the system itself. The pile-up of dust and dirt will eventually affect the mechanical system which may cause damage or shutdown.

A collection of dirt and grime is something we all want to avoid to prevent bigger issues and costly repairs. This is why it’s not surprising when someone has to have their air handler checked by a technician for cleaning and maintenance, especially when there are signs of stress or indications that the system’s efficiency is compromised. A classic example is a sudden surge of the utility bill.

When warning signs are present and obvious, it’s only wise to seek professional assistance. Either that or allow the system to suffer and strain itself throughout the remainder of the winter season. Surely, you wouldn’t want a damaged heater while you are about to get ready for summer.

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How to Avoid Heating System Repair | Cleaning and Maintenance

The ultimate goal of having a clean furnace and scheduling a regular maintenance visit is to avoid emergency situations such as sudden system malfunction, parts going loose, or parts in need of immediate replacement. A home heating repair service can be made less pricey and more budget-friendly if the issues are minimal and easy to fix. How do you make this possible? Through maintenance, cleaning, and checkup.

Additionally, a well-cared-for system can go a long way. Plus, there are a lot of added bonuses to it.

Prevent Breakdowns, They Are Costly

It is a standard care practice to schedule furnace maintenance and cleaning on a regular annual basis, preferably before the heating season begins. By doing so, a seasoned and expert technician will inspect and clean the system, and eventually find weak spots that will need repairs or replacement.

This will help you take care of impending issues on time, circumvent costly emergency service at night, and protect your asset overworking nonsensically. You can also schedule another checkup at the end of the season or at any time you feel like something isn’t right with your system.

Add More Years to The Furnace

For gas furnaces, they typically run for 15 to 20 years given they have proper maintenance and cleaning. You can’t expect a furnace, or any mechanical system, to function smoothly without proper care. Neglect will only lead to an overworked system, worn out parts, and inefficiency.

Don’t force your own comfort system to overwork. The strain overworking puts it under can and will shorten its lifespan. Keep it clean to keep it running. You’ll be able to prepare better for a new furnace if the old unit can still run smoothly for a few more years.

Savings, Savings, and Better Savings

Fresh air filter, dirt-free blower fan, blockage-free airways within the system; these are some of the after-effects of a clean furnace. Nothing is blocking the airflow which means heated air is efficiently distributed to the desired spaces without a hitch or a hassle. And what does an efficient system equate to? Less energy usage, better savings!

Furnace Cleaning Specials Near Me Vs. Duct Cleaning

Why must you worry about cleaning the duct and the heating system? Don’t they get cleaned during a maintenance visit?

There is actually a significant difference between a furnace cleaning and duct cleaning. During scheduled heating maintenance, the furnace and its integral components are thoroughly checked and cleaned. Although ducts are checked as well, it doesn’t always include the removal of possible obstructions.

Ducts are the vital pieces that carry the heated air all over the house. Even if the furnace is at its optimum performance, problematic ducts will forfeit its efficiency. When there is debris, pests, or elements that can block airflow, heated air will not reach the vents on time. Or it may result in insufficient heat released through the registers. When this happens, the occupants of the home will have to adjust the thermostat higher to get enough heat. And the cycle that will lead to an overworked system will begin.

What happens during furnace cleaning?

  • Clean exterior surfaces to remove dirt.
  • Clean the blower fan to maintain system balance.
  • Remove dust off the pilot igniter to avoid a false reading.
  • Cleaning the flame sensor for dirt prevents the furnace from lighting.
  • Make sure the blower belt doesn’t have cracks.
  • Lubricate blower motors and shaft bearings with oil.
  • Change dirty filters.
  • Check if burners have blue flames, yellow flames mean dirty burners.

Read more furnace maintenance reminders from HowStuffWorks.

What happens during a duct cleaning?

  • Ducts Assessment. Technicians will open the access panels to inspect the hidden and hard-to-see parts of the ductwork.
  • Check and Inspect. For hard to reach spots, a technician will use a camera attached to a long hose to find possible obstructions or mold development within the ducts. The images taken by the camera will be checked to find out how much cleaning work is needed.
  • Remove Obstructions. There are different ways to clean blockages in the ducts. Depending on the cause, the technician will determine the best course of cleaning method to get the job done.

Signs You Need Heating Repair

It’s easy to detect signs of damage or distress on your heating system if the signs are detectable and obvious. You easily prevent bigger issues by calling an HVAC professional. But for hidden and seemingly insignificant changes on your system, regular maintenance is your best shot of saving your system from completely shutting down and yourself from spending a lot on repairs.

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