Signs Your Heating Is Failing | Get A Furnace Tune Up

Do you regularly schedule a home service appointment? Do you always take care of your heating system before and after use? Or are you one of those homeowners who often deals with a malfunctioning heater? Have you asked – “Why do I need a furnace tune up?

Not many people enjoy the idea of always worrying about their furnace or the idea of having to spend time checking the system frequently for possible damage. It can take time which can become a hassle and not many know a lot about what one needs to check when inspecting the unit.

Even so, it matters to check your heating equipment regularly. This is because you can help detect possible damage that can lead to a costly repair job. How do you do that when you don’t know what to check exactly?

4 Signs Your Furnace Service is Failing

furnace maintenance FresnoTo help you with identifying possible signs that can confirm your furnace is failing, we came up with a list of the most common signs.

Furnace Replacement for Units 15 Years or Older

If your unit has been around for fifteen years and is properly maintained, it might have a chance to work without too much problem for a couple of years more. However, most furnaces that has passed the 15-year mark may require serious maintenance and repair work, and the efficiency level may not be as maximized as it used to be. And chances are, you’ll be paying for more on your energy bills.

Older machines tend to break down more often when they are in the last years of service. In general, the rule of the thumb is if the repair cost is fifty percent or more than the cost of buying a new furnace, replacing it will give you better savings in the years to come.

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Air is not Heated Properly

Furnaces were invented to neutralize the temperature and evenly warm up the air inside homes and establishments during the winter months. If it’s doing the opposite thing, then something is definitely wrong with it. Cold air coming out of the vents usually means a damaged blower fan or heat exchanger. In some cases, it is caused by a crack in the ducts that is allowing cold air to seep in. When you experience this, contact a trusted technician right away.

Accumulation of Dust

Dust accumulation is never a good sign, and it’s always bad news on everyone’s health. If you notice dust, dirt, or rust particles coming out of the vents or registers, it’s a sign that there’s too much carbon monoxide (CO2) present within the furnace. This poses a health danger to everyone. It can cause dry eyes, itchy throat, or headaches; or cause excessive dryness that can affect the wood flooring, walls, furniture, and even the plants inside your home. If your family starts getting sick or the plants start wilting, don’t be complacent and take time to consider replacing your unit.

Weird or Unusual Noise

Do you hear rattling, banging, or popping noises whenever your heating system is turned on? Most of the time, it only requires tune up or some repair work. But if the noises resurface again and again, then it’s a lost cost and a new unit replacement is the obvious permanent solution.

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