Winter is Here: Get Your Annual Furnace Maintenance

Now, we are ready to leave the summer days behind as we await the arrival of winter. In a month or so, your furnace will be in charge of keeping your home warm and comfortable even on the coldest nights of the winter season. Have you had your annual furnace maintenance?

But this isn’t all there is to do in winter time. It’s not all about setting up the thermostat to a certain temperature and letting it run all day and night. There’s more to turning on your comfort system.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Yearly Furnace Service?

Like every other appliance and gadget in our possession, furnaces need pampering and proper care as well. It needs maintenance, tune-up, and repair or replacement before it runs for the entire season. It may also need customization to better adapt to your heating needs or an upgrade for improved performance. Get all these done and ready at least a month or two before you start using it to make sure that it will run efficiently throughout the months its service is needed.

Just how do you prepare a home heater? How do you get ready for the cold months? Here are six winter preparation tips that will prepare your HVAC for optimum performance.

Furnace Tune Up Checklist

1. Start with a thorough cleaning. In winter, your home is shut tight where all possible gaps and holes are sealed or covered to prevent cold air from seeping in. As a result, the indoor air quality may deteriorate which can lead to respiratory issues or trigger allergies. To prevent this, clean your house first. Thoroughly wipe off all visible dirt and vacuum corners and floor spaces where dust often settles on. From top to bottom, aim for a spotlessly clean home.

2. Leave no room for air leakage. Identify all potential sources of air leaks – windows, doors, electrical outlets, and pipelines. Make sure that these small gaps are plugged or filled in to prevent energy loss. Caulking and weather stripping are two of the most common and effective way of preventing air leaks.

3. Don’t forget to clean all the air vents. There’s no helping it when air vents get clogged with dirt, dust, or debris (or even grime). Clogging restricts proper airflow which then leads to different system issues. Overworked furnace, sudden breakdowns and malfunctions, and inefficiency to name a few. Remove the blockage right away.

4. Make use of your ceiling fans. Instead of its normal rotational direction, have it run clockwise at low speeds. By reversing the ceiling fan direction, cool air is being drawn upward while warm air is being pushed downward. This helps lessen your utility consumption by 5-10 percent.

5. Don’t forget about the HVAC ductwork. Call for a professional and have them inspect the overall condition of the ducting. Their assessment will reveal if a simple cleaning can help optimize the entire HVAC system or if repairs or parts replacement is necessary. There are scammers out there so be sure to contact a trusted HVAC Contractor with good reviews online.

6. Schedule a complete maintenance check. It’s wise to have a technician conduct a thorough inspection of the entire system before winter starts. This is because all possible issues with your furnace can be addressed and resolved right away, ultimately eliminating the possibility of a breakdown when you need it the most. Here are some other tips you might find helpful.

Winter heating preparation can be time-consuming if you’re busy or always on the go. Entrust this task to a trusted heating and cooling service provider. Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating won’t just inspect your system. Our technicians will also give savings tips such as getting rebates on your future repair service and other long-term options for a more efficient home furnace. Read our previous post on DIY maintenance.

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