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How is furnace repair service connected to furnace humidifiers? Humidifiers are essential to keeping indoor air moist and healthy for the skin. Dry air is usually a problem for many homes in California.

During winter, we all depend on a fully functional heating service. The heat being released by the heater can cause the humidity to drop, which means the air in our surroundings loses moisture and becomes dry. As a result, a lot of people notice that their hands, skin, and scalp are dry. Some suffer from sore throats or worse, gets the seasonal colds. It can also trigger asthma attacks and allergies, or even cause nosebleeds for some.

If left alone, extreme humidity can cause serious health problems.

How Does a Humidifier Works in Your Home?

furnace serviceMoist indoor air feels warmer, so you do not need to turn up the temperature all the time. This leads to savings on your utility bills. And because the unit does not have to fully run all the time, it lowers the possibility of having to call a maintenance technician for a gas furnace repair visit. Plus, it’s connected directly to the water supply, which means there’s no issue of finding additional space for another tank. Check out this review or our gallery to see what a great service visit is like.

Furnace humidifiers are installed right onto the heating system. As the warm air leaves the furnace, passes through the ducts, it flows past the humidifier where moisture is added and then released into the rest of your home through the vents.

There are 3 main Types of Furnace Humidifiers

  • Steam Humidifiers – It produces either warm or cool mist to create moisture. It’s easy to maintain and requires a small amount of electricity to run.
  • Flow-Through Humidifiers – Drips of water is constantly mixed with the warm air. A filter helps keep this cycle which needs to be changed periodically. But overall, it’s love maintenance.
  • Drum Humidifiers – A rotating belt passes through a pan of water and the water from the belt evaporates into the air. It’s the least expensive type furnace humidifier but it requires diligent cleaning to prevent molds from forming.

Additional Benefits of Installing Humidifiers in Homes

Aside from keeping a good amount of moisture in the indoor air, there are other good things that come with installing this device at home.

  • It helps prevent the spread of airborne viruses. Humidity levels of at least 43% are 85% effective in making the indoor air an ineffective breeding ground for viruses. The moisture released has the ability to stop the movement of bacteria that cause diseases such as flu and colds.
  • It protects wood from drying up. All furniture made of wood, including the walls and floors, can lose any trace of water within them if it’s extremely humid. Humidifiers help prevent the quality of wood you have in your home.

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