An Expert Furnace Tune Up Promotes Annual Savings

The worst scenario that could happen this winter is to suffer from a broken heater, an ugly situation to be put in. This is where a preventive furnace tune up comes in. Basically, eliminating a possible malfunction and a repair call before it can happen.

Skip The Hassle With A Furnace Tune Up

At Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, our heating and cooling service includes a quick response to a distressed furnace help call, issues needing heating repair, or other issues. No home should endure the gruesome cold when it comes sweeping through town.

HVAC technicians and heating and cooling experts often recommend hiring professional help in maintaining a functional heater and to prevent the inconvenience and unnecessary calls trying to find heating repair in Fresno at midnight.

An annual furnace maintenance is encouraged for an HVAC system 10 years or older, while newer units can be inspected every other year. If more homeowners practice a routine unit inspection, the amount of maintenance charge savings will eventually accumulate. Learn more here.

How is this even possible when you have to pay for every technician visit? Let’s put it this way, when your heater works through every winter without a basic clean up or a professional tune up, you would never really know of any existing damage on the pipelines or duct vents. Some of these systemic issues are within the inner surface, totally invisible to the naked eye.

Furnace Tune Up Benefits

Imagine waking up at night, freezing to the core because the damage that could have been prevented by a heater inspection is causing the entire unit to stop working. And if this happens on a Sunday, the service fee might be extremely inconvenient for you. Preventive care pays in the long run.

Our team has prevented unexpected system malfunction in countless homes, in which homeowners have been able to save on extensive repairs.

The Comfort Club Maintenance Program at Marthedal will help keep your HVAC system properly function continuously. One of our well-trained technicians will give your heater set up a very thorough inspection on a semi-annual basis, ensuring preventative care for your entire system.

More importantly, the Comfort Club Rewards will give service and repairs when you need it the most, help you save $89 on every maintenance call, and receive 10% off of part repairs.

What does Furnace Tune Up Include?

Understanding the HVAC technicality and functionality are what technicians excel in. They are properly trained and certified to perform installation, inspection, and repairs.

The services offered by different maintenance contractors and HVAC installation companies vary, depending on what type of unit is in place.

Primarily, the air filter, return ducts, thermostat, blow motor and burner will be on the top of the list, this is to ensure that there are no underlying concerns. Our clients worry less about a malfunctioning unit because of our routine tune up and maintenance care.

Who to Call for Furnace Repair

Don’t ask “How do you troubleshoot a furnace?”, just give us a call at 559-266-9525 to find out more about the annual maintenance program today! Discover our services and why you need to consider how often to service your unit.

Furnace Repair Service Experts

Call us at 559-266-9525 to find out more about the annual maintenance program today!