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How you usually spend your summer? Do you often spend time outdoors or at the pool for a natural tan? Or do you prefer the indoors, less active fun pass-times?

For many people, however their day went, they always want to go back to a relaxing home, a home with a great comfort system. This is also true for families living in Hanford. A new air conditioner is the ideal way to enjoy your home with a smart system and energy-saving features.

Air Conditioner Contractor Service

Hanford air conditioningA strong heating and cooling system is one of the most basic necessities for homes and businesses. It’s a crucial component of a convenient and comfortable home. It’s also one indicator of a livable community for anyone who’s looking for a better place to stay.

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As the AC needs become more demanding at the peak of summer, it’s inevitable that your air conditioning service might be exposed to conditions that can lead to sudden malfunctions or unexpected breakdowns. However inconvenient it may seem and however prepared you might be, accidents can happen. And it can happen at the most unexpected time of the day (or at night when you’re sound asleep). The idea of having a dead AC on a scorching night is unimaginable.

Although preparation is the key to prevent these kinds of incidents, when your AC is overworked, old, and weary, crazy situations can happen.

Satisfactory Home AC Service

How do you deal with these possible issues then? How can you ensure that your cooling system will not disappoint you?

You need proper maintenance, but not just a simple check and identifying of issues kind of maintenance. It has to be a thorough, carefully planned maintenance program that won’t just prevent possible issues from occurring but also help you save on service charges.

Is it possible to achieve both goals? Can you really save while regularly maintaining your AC?

Of course, you can! Enroll in an annual maintenance program. One that will give you the following benefits:

  • Preferred Scheduling – Get service and repairs when you need it most
  • No Diagnostics Fee – Save $89 on each service call
  • Repair Discount – Receive 10% off of parts repairs

Also, with regular maintenance:

  • Your system runs more efficiently which ultimately leads to saving on energy bills.
  • You can save by lengthening the life of your HVAC system.
  • Minor issues are identified and repaired before they become a headache.

Who to Call for a Repair

You don’t really need to wait for your A/C unit to show signs of defects. Anticipate all possible issues to happen, especially when you know your system is working non-stop to keep your home comfortable and health-friendly to live in. Be prepared still.

Have your system checked and fine tuned before turning it on. Making sure that it’s at its best condition is one sure way of ensuring that it will through this summer and in the coming years.

Once issues are identified, have the best repair service that’s within your budget without compromising the quality of work. And have easy access to experienced technicians and have them address all of your queries about your system. Technicians who have been in service for many years will tell you right away what the problem is and how to best resolve it. They will even recommend installing a new AC unit if it means you’ll be able to save in the coming years. Investing in a new unit is better than spending so much on repairs.

Hanford Heating Contractor

air conditioning HanfordIn winters, people are well-aware that a trusty heating system is a definite need to stay warm and comfortable at home. It’s also an integral part to everyone’s daily routine since staying warm is not just necessary but also crucial for the body to function and free of any ailments as a result of the body temperature dropping low.

A sudden drop of the body temperature can be fatal and there has been news about this over the years as snow storms or bomb cyclones hit different regions in the country. Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating – Fresno Air Conditioning

New Furnace Installation

One thing you should consider before winter is up is the overall condition of your heater. Start by asking the right questions.

  • How old is your furnace?
  • How many service calls have you made?
  • Is there a recurring issue?
  • Is your heating service inefficient?

These are only a few of the questions you may start to think about when you’re not getting the best out of your unit. And even though these are few, they can point to a much larger and probably more complicated problem; a problem that can cost you a lot of money to fix.

Heater Maintenance and System Service

Just like any other system, your heater requires attention and care too. It’s not something you can place in your home and forget about so long as it’s working. It’s an efficient system that requires less supervision but will completely stop working if neglected.

One of the major reasons for a service call is a dirty, unmaintained, and overworked unit. It needs pampering from time to time for it to continuously function efficiently over the years with fewer repair calls. Proper maintenance is the key.

A knowledgeable and professional contractor will give you a maintenance program plan that will feed your heating needs and its checkup and fine-tuning requirements. That’s heating two birds with one stone. Save on repair while keeping your furnace in excellent condition at all times!

Going Solar

You’ve probably heard of renewable energy and its contribution to the preservation of Mother Earth. Yes, we are talking about solar energy and green solutions for your home or business.

The radiant light and heat from the Sun are harnessed using a range of technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaics (PV), solar thermal energy, solar architecture, and many more. The most common one that is now growing popular is photovoltaics or harnessing the sun’s heat using solar panels.

This industry is a welcomed change in California since it brings so many benefits for homes, business, and agriculture.

Solar Power Options

Setting up these panels varies depending on the availability of space and which part of your property has the most exposure to sunlight. These factors are taken into consideration and included in the planning and preparation before the actual installation to ensure that you get the best of your PV panels. Here are the different mounting options to choose from:

  • Ballast System – It’s less invasive to your roof because no penetrating mounts are required, decreasing the chance you’ll experience leaks after installation.
  • Roof Mount – The most common way panels are installed at a home or office and considered the most efficient in receiving the best direct sunlight.
  • Ground Mount – Most common on farms, ranches, and businesses located on large lots.
  • Custom Solar Structures – You can be creative in installing the panels while harnessing the most heat.

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