Hottest Day In Fresno | Surviving Without Air Conditioning

Fresno, California is known for its relatively dry climate and high temperatures, which is usually hot summers and mild (albeit rainy) winters. From time to time, residents struggle with hot summer days, and to some extent, days-long heat waves. In an area with conditions on either end of extreme, it isn’t surprising that Fresno residents invest in quality and efficient air conditioning systems.

Cresencio Rodriguez-Delgado, a contributor at, wrote in his article that “Fresno saw a nine-day streak of temperatures at or above 100 degrees, June of last year.” As the city is located in San Joaquin Valley, the days are longer and high pressure builds more. The hottest temperature ever recorded is at 115 degrees, which occurred on July 8, 1905, while the coldest temp, so far, is 17 degrees which was recorded on January 6, 1913.

Tips for Surviving a Heat Wave Without AC in Fresno CA

air conditioningWhen a heat wave occurs, the most important thing is to stay safe and fully hydrated. Here are some tips for you to consider when your air conditioner breaks down in the most critical days of summer.

Utilize Fans

On a hot summer day, make sure to close curtains and blinds, to keep the indoors temperature cool for as long as possible. At night, when the outside air cools down, maximize the use of box fans to push hot air outdoors and ceiling fans to improve air circulation throughout the house.

Hydrate Yourself

Water is essential. You’ll need to consume more water than you usually do when it’s hot to prevent dehydration that can lead to serious medical concerns. You sweat more when the body is trying to cool down, you need to replace the lost fluids. Consider drinking specially-formulated electrolyte replacement drinks.

Eliminate Extra Heat

Incandescent light bulbs, running computers and appliances produce unnecessary heat. Avoid using these items as much as possible to help regulate the indoor temperature.

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At Marthedal, we always encourage our clients to choose a routine ac service to keep their units at maximum performance year-round. Regular annual maintenance check uncovers hidden issues with your cooling system followed by an appropriate tune-up and repair service- it can be as simple as changing your air filter.

We also provide home AC service in Clovis and other nearby communities. And by doing so, we continue to grow as a leading local contractor.

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