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Survive the summer heat without a reliable air conditioning system. Are you up for the challenge? What about the cold winter months- can you last without a central heater? I couldn’t imagine… So consider us when you’re looking for central heating installation.

Most California homes won’t be able to stand the summer heat without a functioning heating and cooling system. The extremities of the summer sun at its peak, can cause health concerns such as skin rash, excessive sweating and dehydration. Conversely, winter can get chilly and a home without a central heater might be hard to withstand for long periods.

HVAC Installers Near Me

With any type of machine, HVAC units need replacement. You may be thinking about a heater system for your home comfort. This is ideal if the existing heating cooling system in your home breaks down unexpectedly in the middle of the season and you need a replacement. Residential heater installation from a professional can save you the trouble of having to suffer the winter months and the summer heat.

Installing and Replacing Old Units

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Tell tale signs will come knocking at your door right away when your comfort system succumbs to the damaging effects of constant wear and tear. Your HVAC system is like an automobile, it requires constant and scheduled maintenance. If you want to make it through the winter AND summer, you need to have it maintained properly.

Scheduled maintenance appointments are cheaper than fixing things once they are already broken. Service visits protect your central heat and air system, and will definitely make your system last longer. However, all types of systems will need to be replaced at some point in time.

Heating System Solutions

Here are some reasons that will arise, causing you to consider replacement and installation of a new central heating and cooling unit.

Aging Heating and Cooling unit.

The years your unit has been in service will play a major role in determining the amount of repair it will need. Newer units tend to require less or no repairs at all, but older ones require more care.

Energy Efficiency.

Older units are not nearly as efficient. Newer units are designed to be more advanced and more efficient. Older systems will eat up energy, thus a higher energy bill during summer and winter is no surprise.

Central Heating Replacement

Many HVAC technicians would recommend, in most cases, replacing your unit that has been in service for 15 years or more. Energy Star, on the other hand, would advise homeowners to upgrade into a more energy efficient unit once your central air conditioning system reaches 10 years or more in service.

Our experienced technicians will tell you what you need to know about your AC, whether a costly repair is needed or if a quick fix on your unit is all it needs to work like new again.

Gas and Electric Heat Systems

So much has changed in the field of home comfort systems. The currently installed HVAC systems in most homes are either less efficient or prone to frequent repairs, which could result to costing homeowners more money.

You have access to the most efficient systems ever, and a professional company that can replace and install expertly. We want to ensure you survive the summer heat and the biting winter cold.

HVAC Contractors Near You

Fresno residents have been our bread and butter and recently we’ve expanded into Clovis to deliver central heating installs to the whole valley. Trust that properly trained technicians will help you through the course of fixing your HVAC and heater system issues.

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating is a complete residential and commercial heating service contractor in the San Joaquin valley. We do installs, repairs, and general service for your entire heating system, including: heat pumps, furnaces, mini splits, and water heaters.

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From our offices in Fresno and Clovis, we offer our home and commercial service to the San Joaquin Valley: Fowler, Fig Garden, Calwa, Malaga, Sunnyside, Easton, West Park, Tarpey Village, Sanger, Selma, Reedley, Kingsburg, Dinuba, Hanford, Lemoore, Visalia, and Madera

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