Lemoore Air Conditioning | Annual Maintenance and AC Repair Services

While best known for its Naval Air Base and Tachi Bingo Palace, Lemoore is also known for its rich soil thanks to the Kings River. Back at the time of its founding days, this city was ideal for farming because of its abundant water. Today, it’s one of the few areas that retain its old town feel but also embraces modernization.

Along with its modernization and growth is the demand for a reliable contractor. Due to the changes in the environment and the climate, considerations for heating and cooling across the valley are adamant in coming up with an alternative and a cheaper cooling system.

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractor

lemoore air conditioningCommercial services provide one of the basic needs in most households and business – a reliable air conditioner service all throughout the summer months. Summers in California can become unforgivingly hot and excruciating, forcing people to drop their summer activities and stay indoors. As a result, the AC unit will have to work harder to maintain the desired temperature, since more people staying inside the house or building means more body heat to cool down.

If there is a mismatch in the number of people within a room and the maximum cooling capacity of the unit, the outcome can be disastrous. This is because the air conditioner will have to use more energy to keep up with the demand while overworking itself along the way.

A/C Repair

An overworked AC can lead to an overly expensive repair. This is a problem no one is ever ready to face. For your convenience and confidence, finding the right fit for your home comfort must be addressed right away.

Home Installation

When your AC starts to fail, shows signs of distress or fatigue, or deteriorates rapidly without warning; you should know what to do or who to call. Or else, you may end up losing thousands in your investment overnight.

The HVAC system in most homes is designed to last 10-15 years or more. This can be easily achieved with proper care and maintenance. The latest units are more energy efficient and are equipped with smart technology. This allows owners to take better control of their system to effectively save on energy and money.

Moreover, well-maintained units require less emergency service visits.

Efficient, Effective, Service Systems Is Our Goal

Whether it’s in Fresno, Lemoore, Clovis, or anywhere across the country, having an energy-efficient and cost-effective air conditioner can bridge the difference between minimum and maximum savings. To achieve this, you have to partner with a trusted HVAC Contractor with years and years of experience backed up by positive reviews from satisfied clients.

Your Local Heating Contractor

air conditioningWhen we talk about HVAC, it’s not just about cooling your space. It’s also about heating your property during winter. Like summer, winter can be harsh and extremely cold on days or weeks. Better prepare for when the temperature drops to a negative than suffer from cold and risk your safety over a dysfunctional heater.

It can become a challenge and a pain if you miss the chance to work with the right heating company.

Furnace Installation | Stay Warm and Confident

There can be a great danger when one is exposed to extreme cold, especially at night. The health and safety risks can’t be overlooked. Better yet, while it’s still warm and sunny, start preparing for the cold months. If your furnace or heater is old and has had many service visits, it may be ideal to invest in a new furnace installation, or at least, consider the idea.

You can’t spend so much money on something that will never get better and is continuously taking the effects of the wear and tear which is common in electronics and machines with moving components. As time passes on, you may have to pick up the phone and schedule for a technician several times.

Alternative Heat | Furnace Tune Up

A good technician can spot serious issues right away. An experienced one won’t beat around the bush and will tell you right away why you need to invest in a new system.

Although a regular maintenance check and furnace tune-up can help extend the life of your heating system, there are cases when tune-ups aren’t enough. There are situations wherein replacing parts is seen to be a temporary solution. Weigh things down and decide for yourself if it’s more practical to adapt to newer and smarter systems.

Lemoore Air Conditioning | Annual Maintenance and AC Repair Services

Lemoore air conditioning

Lemoore Solar Energy

The technology used to harness the sun’s energy and make it usable is commonly called solar power. Photovoltaic cells, or solar panels, are widely used in properties and establishments that are embracing a greener source of energy.

Because setting up these panels can become expensive, there are still many who are hesitant to switch to renewable energy. However, solar energy use has surged over the years, thanks to the rapidly growing number of affordable installation plans.

Solar Benefits and Mounting Systems

Solar is just about renewable energy, it’s also a major factor in lowering your monthly electric bills. Who wouldn’t want to save money in the long run?

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating wants you to have an affordable, quality solar system that will fit perfectly in your property. With the HERO Program, you can qualify for a financing program, which is perfect for residents who currently pay more than $200 a month on their energy bills. You can also take advantage of the following services:

  • Experienced solar installers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Aesthetically pleasing design and arrangement
  • Free shade analysis to maximize sun exposure
  • Solar monitoring included
  • Built to last you decades
  • Residential solar
  • Commercial solar

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, an HVAC Contractor

We can deliver the whole package for home comfort. From cooling and heating to solar energy and annual maintenance, Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating has been in service for more than four decades. Your home is in good hands. Call us today!