Test Your Limit | Living Without Central Air Conditioning Service

Can you imagine surviving the extreme summer heat in Fresno, California without reliable air conditioning?

Imagine if luck just wasn’t on your side and you end up with faulty central air conditioner that has suddenly stopped working. It’s in the middle of summer, on a Sunday with no available technician to provide a residential AC repair.

It’s one of your worse nightmares come to life. Nobody wants to be put in a situation where home comfort isn’t available anymore.

In 2009 Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) show that 87 percent of U.S. households are equipped with an AC unit as population shifted to hot and more humid regions. This figure has since then increased and we can see more homes depending largely on this dependable machine.

So what alternatives do you have when your cooling system fails?

Five Ways To Cool Down Without An Air Conditioner

air conditioning FresnoYou might have guessed what is the most common alternative to air conditioning in Fresno, CA – the good old fans. They are much cheaper to buy and cut down your electricity bill. And it comes in different types, one of which can be most fitting with your ventilation needs.

Whole-House Fans

Whole-House fans are gaining back their popularity with its simplistic approach – a powerful fan draws in early morning and evening breeze from open doors and windows and spreads it down the house through the attic and out of the roof vents. Hot air is forced out of the vents, slowly cooling down your house.

It saves you on energy bills, and on installation cost and time, it uses 90% less energy than an air conditioner. But it can’t cool inside temperature lower than the outside temp, and it may bring in outdoor pollutants and dust.

Electric Fans

This is old school, but it can offer relief when the wind is too dry and the humidity is unbearable. While waiting for a technician to provide your central air conditioning service, a standard electric fan can certainly help lower the temperature.

It comes in different types: stand fans, wall mounted, ceiling mounted, and desk fans. You can choose which type doesn’t invade your living space and can be placed in the storage without taking so much space. It’s way cheaper and doesn’t eat up a lot of energy.

However, these affordable and accessible ventilators aren’t the only alternative options we have. You’d be surprised how simple, cost-free, and ordinary things can make cooling down possible.

Open the Windows

Simple isn’t it? Life could be so simple without air conditioning….Just open the windows and let the cool breeze in.

But there is a trick to maximize the amount of fresh and cool breeze to flow throughout the house. Take note of the wind direction, which direction it is coming from and where it is heading. Make sure to open all the windows along the path of the wind.

Close the Curtains

Now, how would closing the curtains help? Direct exposure from sunlight can heat up any material really fast. This logic applies to closing the curtains to block direct sunlight. If a part of your house is directly exposed to the sun, then mostly likely, the temperature inside the room will heat up quickly. Read more on this page.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Cooling down your own body is as effective as opening the windows and allowing fresh breeze in. Our body heat are contributing factors in warming the temperature. The more worked up we become, the hotter our body temp becomes. Cool down, drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated, and possibly, avoid strenuous activities while you are inside the house.

Life Without Air Conditioning in Fresno

Central Air Service Isn’t Always Necessary

Minute, everyday activities can help you cool down without having to depend on a 24-hour air conditioning service. Air conditioning in Fresno is vital but it isn’t always necessary. Our recent blog post on effective service or another on service agreements may be helpful to you.

When you have tried out every possible alternative to beat the heat but to no avail, services from experts at Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating surely won’t fail you.

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