ATTN: Fresno Valley Homeowners!
As the summer begins to heat up, don’t let rolling blackouts
leave you in the dark and without air conditioning.

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating offers and installs a complete line-up of Honeywell standby generators.

Hurry… This offer ends July 15th!

    Get The Peace Of Mind
    That Comes With A Backup Generator

    Don’t get left in the dark with summer temperatures heating up!

    Whether it’s the threat of possible rolling blackouts during the full heat of the summer, or unforeseen power outages in the middle of winter… going without power for any length of time can be anywhere from inconvenient to possibly dangerous.

    • Air Conditioners need power
    • Heating systems need power
    • Refrigerators, stoves, lights, internet needs power

    As a way to always keep you and your family at the forefront of our minds, we are extending an incredible offer so you, too, can have the peace of mind that Honeywell Standby Generators give.

    We at Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating have seen the installation of backup generator systems rise over the past several years, as citizens ensure their family’s comfort, heath, and safety are well protected year round.

    Contact our office now to learn more about our Honeywell generator systems.

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