Madera Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor

Madera, California is a city with an average of 264 sunny days per year. Residents of this city know too well that hot summers days can be rough each year; or how uncomfortable it is to stay outdoors in the blazing heat. On some days, the heat is just too unbearable without a top-notch and well functioning AC system.

This is why a quality and trusted contractor is a necessity one cannot live without. It is one of the most basic needs of every home, not just in this city, but in different neighborhoods around the country.

Air Conditioning Contractor with Expertise

Madera air conditioningHaving a reliable AC service isn’t just about comfortable living; it’s also about a partnership with your system. How so?

Through many seasons and over the years, the system will wear itself out. Despite its advanced features and the latest technology, like any other machine, it is subject to the effects of wear-and-tear. Some inside parts will break, electrical wirings loosen, and some electronic parts may blow up. This is a common problem especially when the unit is poorly maintained.

Treat it better with proper care and maintenance. If there is a need for an AC repair, make sure that it gets addressed right away, or before the problems get too serious and too expensive to fix. Call an experienced technician to inspect and fix the problem.

Home AC Service

Like most families, you probably want to know how you can take good care of your system to prevent frequent and expensive repairs and effectively cut down your energy consumption every month. Well, here are some features that might interest you.

Smart Home Technology – Home automation technology has advanced significantly and more residences have become smart homes. Nexia Controls from American Standard gives your home intelligence so you can monitor and control your home’s heating and cooling systems.

Attic Insulation and Ventilation – Whether it’s trapping heat in or extracting heat from your home proper insulation and ventilation can help optimize your building or property performance.

  • Natural Attic Ventilation – Soffits are installed in the attic to allow fresh air to blow through, moving air from the outside in, which in turn forces hot air out.
  • Attic Ventilation with Fans – Fans are placed strategically in the attic to allow for the most efficient transfer of air possible, allowing more air to move through.

Get Discounts on Your Next Repair Call

Have you heard of a Yearly Service Agreement? It is a service offered to residential customers to avail one cooling check-up and one heating check-up each year for semi-annual preventative care and maintenance. Every component will be checked for damage, regular wear and tear, and anything else that might suggest there are repairs necessary to keep your system running efficiently.

Further increase your savings by joining the Comfort Club. The benefits included are:

  • Preferred Scheduling – Get service and repairs when you need it most
  • No Diagnostics Fee – Save $89 on each service call
  • Repair Discount – Receive 10% off of parts repairs

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Furnace and Heating Contractor

AC serviceHeating is also a key point for comfortable living year round. The winter season can be deathly cold on some days. Our community residents must have a dependable furnace or heater to keep them warm and safe from the health hazards of being exposed to extremely low temperature.

Furnace Repair for Different Problems

Accidents happen and it can happen in your home in the middle of the night when your furnace suddenly stops working. Now, imagine if this were to happen to a weekend night when most HVAC companies are closed and no technician is available to respond to a service call. Quite alarming, isn’t it?

How terrifying it may seem, it can actually happen. It did for many homes with heating systems that lack proper care. When your heater doesn’t get checked at least once a year before winter arrives, there is a greater chance that it may break down; especially if it’s an old equipment.

What can you do when:

  • The thermostat isn’t working?
  • The heater is too noisy?
  • The furnace doesn’t heat enough or doesn’t heat at all?
  • There’s frequent cycling?

Heating and Cooling Services for All

Despite the many issues that may occur during the lifespan of your heater, there is good news. You have many alternative options to choose from in keeping your home warm and comfortable. Depending on the need and how often do you require heating, you can choose from these efficient solutions:

  • Furnace – You can definitely save if your furnace can give 80-95% efficiency.
  • Heat Pumps – This is ideal for areas that have warmer climates as this device pumps heat out to cool the indoor air.
  • Radiant Floor Heating – Considered the most efficient and effective method, this one provides an even temperature throughout your living space.

Choose wisely and partner up with a trusted HVAC Contractor.

Madera Air Conditioning Services in California

Madera air conditioning

Solar Energy Contractor | Alternative Power Source

Did you know that solar power is gaining popularity not just in remote neighborhoods, but in some urban areas as well? If you haven’t given this a thought, then you might start considering it.

Solar power is generated by collecting sunlight through solar panels. The collected energy is then converted into electricity. These panels are strategically installed in areas around your property that has the most sun exposure. It’s green energy, renewable, and inexhaustible.

What’s the best thing about renewable energy? Long-term savings on your electricity bill each month. It is an investment that pays for itself over time.

The Right System Type When Going Solar

Going solar isn’t a hassle when you work with a team that knows the industry well. Whether it’s for your business, farm, or residential property; you have different system types to choose from, whichever works best for you.

  • Ballast System – This is less invasive to your roof because no penetrating mounts are required to install the cells.
  • Roof Mount – It’s highly effective in collecting sunlight when there’s little or less space available.
  • Ground Mount – Ideal in areas with huge lots like farms and ranches.

For air conditioning, heating, ventilation and insulation, or green energy, we have every option you can think of. We have been servicing the San Joaquin Valley for more than 40 years. Thinking of a system upgrade, replacement, or new installation? Call us today!