Malaga Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor

Looking for the leading ac contractor in Malaga? Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating – Fresno Air Conditioning has been a leader in comfort since 1976 to the San Joaquin Valley. Providing unparalleled services and solutions to homes and commercial spaces in the area.

We are a trusted hvac company within Fresno County. Whether you’re looking to stay cool and comfortable, in need of some kind of immediate repair, a scheduled checkup or tune-up, or a new unit installation and system upgrade altogether, we are one call away!

Air Conditioning Contractor

Before you embrace the summer months, ensure that you have a dependable air conditioning unit, one that is trusted by your household and works perfectly. If you’re uncertain of your unit’s ability to make it through the summer months and know that a repair is needed right away, what’s stopping you from making a call?

Repair Your AC When Necessary

Heating in malagaEmergency repairs calls can be quite simple if addressed early on, which leads to less components to fix in the long run. Don’t wait for your AC to stop working on a 100F day before you start paying attention to it! When it comes to heating and cooling, the most economical way to care for your investment is through a well-planned maintenance schedule.

Cost Savings With AC Service

Rather than waiting for your home air conditioner to break down and stop working when you need it most, prevent it from ever happening. Call us today or a scheduled service visit.

We will make sure that the thermostat reads correctly, filter is clean, refrigerant is strong and at the right level, and all other items that needs to be checked are inspected. This is the most secure way to make it through another scorching summer with your trusted air conditioning system.

Replacing and Installations

Sometimes, the unit has lived its life.. and its time to retire it! Air conditioner units, just like any other equipment or machinery get old, especially with the excessive use that is traditional in the central valley.

It might make most sense to invest in a new unit. New heating and cooling models are amazingly efficient and can surprise you with the quality of performance from an older outdated model.

A/C Maintenance and Service To Keep it Strong

When our technicians install new units, we ensure it gets done the first time. This reflects our years of experience in the industry of home comfort. And in order to keep your system running for years to come, we recommend routine maintenance before every new season unfolds.

HVAC – Heating and Venting, AC

Your home system is complex and you do not want to leave it in the hands a of a general contractor that offers all kinds of halfway-there repair jobs. We concentrate our efforts and expertise on heating and cooling services.

Trusted Heating Contractor

malaga californiaIt’s now time for the cold season, and time to say goodbye to the hot summer months. But most people don’t stop to think if their heating needs will be fully covered through the winter months. For this reason, we offer expert solutions to address the heating and cooling needs of households in Malaga.

Heater Repairs

If it doesn’t heat enough inside your home, if the furnace is old and slowly breaking down, or if there are periodic breaks in the system’s functionality; you need to call the experts. A service or repair call is a necessity for households that are aware of an issue with their system.

Being in the business for more than four decades, we have several solutions to all heating problems. We’ve worked on all kinds of systematic and functional issues, there’s nothing we have not seen before.

Furnace and Heating Service

If you are looking for an expert furnace tune up or just a simple check-up to ensure that the season will be warm, a routine service call is perfect! Don’t wait up for the cold season to be in full force, schedule a preventive maintenance check-up. This preventive action will ensure that your home comfort will be at full performance at all times!

Heating and Cooling For Homes and Businesses

Do you need a replacement for your heater right away? Do you need help securing the longevity of a functional comfort unit? Give us a call today to discuss your HVAC needs!

Malaga Heating

Solar Energy Contractor

Solar energy is a sustainable renewable energy. It effectively lowers utility bills while keeping the environment clean of chemical byproducts. We want you, just like any other homes in the city, to have an dependable, affordable, and sustainable solar panel system that is aesthetically built and helps you save money in the years to come. Solar solutions are ideal for all types of homes, green houses, farmlands, and commercial areas. Our solar solutions include:

  • Residential Solar
  • Commercial Solar
  • Agricultural Solar

In a city like Malaga, you can’t miss hearing about us, we are the leading provider to the San Joaquin valley and the neighboring communities.

With the abundant land area in San Joaquin Valley, we often work with large solar system implementations, either set for indoor or outdoor settings. We service many households and businesses in the area. Regardless of your renewable energy needs, we will gladly impart our expertise!

Malaga is an area near and dear to us, and we’re happy to service the growing needs of every family and their agricultural and commercial spaces.. Constantly staying up with the development and improvement in the city, we are up for the challenge!