Top Common Air Conditioning Problems This Summer

The last thing you want to happen this summer is to deal with a broken air conditioner service in Fresno. The extreme heat and dry air are two things that could make things too uncomfortable for you and your family. This is why securing a working and fully functional AC system is a top priority for most homes and businesses.

As we prepare for the changing of the season, it is also a must to learn about the most common air conditioning problems that may arise before and during summer. By knowing these common issues you will be able to immediately detect if something is not right with your AC, and will let you decide if an ac install in Fresno is right for you.

What Are Common AC Problems?

Fresno air conditioning installationSome AC problems may require serious repair job to be done by an HVAC contractor, and when the damage is too severe, the technician might suggest a new  installation. It would help households and businesses save a bit more to install a new unit when the long-term usage and possible future repairs will be considered. So, it is beneficial if you familiarize yourself with the most common problems and learn how to resolve the problem right away.

Freon Leak. Freon is the chemical that acts as the coolant in ACs, refrigerators, and other artificial cooling device. If the Freon level goes down, the unit’s cooling capacity will seize to work.

External fan not working. Sometimes the outdoor fan sustains damage from falling debris entering the cabinet casing. If the fan blades are bent due to damage from fallen debris, they will strike the fan casing which causes additional damage to the unit. This is why it is recommended to keep the area around the condenser clear (about a foot on all sides) to reduce chances of debris damage.

Unit shuts on and off repeatedly. When the AC unit has difficulty switching on and there is a stuttering sound as if it is choking while in the process of turning on, and it shuts down almost immediately once turned on then there is a problem. This is called short cycling. If the problem continues, it can severely damage the compressor, stressing the other components, and consumes excess power. A technician can replace the damaged parts or install a ‘hard-start kit’ to fix the problem. The worse that could happen is for the technician to suggest investing in a new unit.

Sensor problems. An AC uses the thermostat to monitor the temperature of the evaporator coil. If the sensor isn’t positioned in the right place, then it won’t be able to properly monitor the temperature. The monitor might read a different temp which would cause the AC to overwork.

Running unit is not cooling the air. When the connection between the outdoor unit and the thermostat is lost or severed, there is likely an electrical disconnection between the two components. Or it could be that the AC unit may not have enough amount of Freon to cool the hot air.

Inadequate cooling. Air conditioners have a limit on how much load it can handle. Some summers are too hot and the additional load on the system might be too much, which will require the system to work even harder. In some instances, it could be that the AC is undersized and not a suitable match for the area it’s supposed to cool down. Find out what other problems you may encounter with your HVAC system.

When you discover any of these issues on your current A/C system, it is best to contact a professional to perform a thorough inspection. At Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, we always promote preventive maintenance and tune up so these type of problems can be prevented, we also can work on your duct systems. Keeping homes and businesses comfortable all year round is a goal we instill in our company. Have one of our experienced and skilled technicians check your unit so you can prevent spending unnecessarily.