Fresno Furnace Installation | What to Expect When Getting a New Furnace?

Is your heating system on the verge of breaking down after years and years of service? Are you weighing your options whether to settle for another repair job or upgrade with a new Fresno furnace installation? Have you considered the advancement of heating and cooling technology and how this has improved the comfort needs of homes and business in the winter?

That is a lot to think about and it’s only wise to consider all options before making a decision whether to keep your old system or upgrade to new one.

What Comes with a New Furnace Install?

Fresno furnace installationEfficiency. This is the biggest benefit when you invest in a new heating unit. It’s all about getting the maximum performance from your heater at all times without overworking itself or consuming more energy than it needs to. But aside from efficiency, there are other important factors that help contribute to making a new unit installation a better choice in terms of long-term use.

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#1 Better Technology, Better System

Medium to high efficiency furnaces are powered by the electronic ignition technology. This technology completely eliminates the need for a pilot light. According to the Spruce:

“In the world of mid to high efficiency furnaces of 80% to 90% and higher, you’ll find electronic ignition systems and not the standing gas pilot light of old. Electronic ignitions systems are typically designed one of two ways, as either a furnace intermittent pilot (IP) or as a hot surface igniter (HSI).”

The best thing about this technology is the amount of savings you can gain. Since it does not use a pilot light which needs to burn constantly on old furnaces, it doesn’t consume a lot of energy. Additionally, this technology improves your unit’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating.

#2 Heat Waste Reduction, Thermal Efficiency

Aside from the electronic ignition technology, the newest units are equipped with automatic vent dampeners. “A vent damper, when closed, can prevent residual heat from being drawn up the warm vent. Vent dampers can also reduce the amount of air that passes through the furnace or boiler heat exchanger, which can slightly increase operating efficiency by reducing the time needed to achieve steady-state operating conditions.”Green Health Care

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