Home Air Conditioner Drippings Attract Termite Infestation

Surprisingly, your home air conditioner can open a pathway for termites to invade your home. Termites are a huge threat to any infrastructure, including homes, that has cellulose in it. In simpler terms, anything that has plant fiber is a delicacy for them. Wood isn’t the only staple food for these pests; things like fabric, insulation, and some parts of your HVAC system can be targeted.

Termites thrive in moist and wet areas, so it isn’t a surprise that the water dripping from your AC can cause termite infestation. Since air conditioners generate gallons per day, the water waste is dumped just close to the external unit; which means wet soil that is ideal for termites to inhabit is brewing close. In fact, it’s too close to the foundation of your home.

If these pests infest the components of your heating and cooling unit, it is as serious as termites slowly eating up your property. Once they are in the HVAC unit, it’s easier for them to move through the house, in any direction. It’s like giving them free access to latch on anything and everything you own, and that is something you don’t want to happen.

Prevent Termites from Reaching Your AC Unit

air conditioner serviceThe best way to protect your property is to fortify and pest-proof your home, starting with the cooling system. Here are the top tips to keeping termites off of your property.

Duct Sealing

Duct sealing is on the top of the list to prevent termites from infesting your HVAC unit; to ensure that the system is tightly closed off from foreign objects and pests. This can be done by filling in cracks or gaps on and within the ducts. Additionally, reconnect dislodged or disconnected ducts. These are perfect spaces for termites to penetrate so it’s practical to seal it off properly and effectively.

Cover Vents

Vent covers are designed to keep pests out, especially the exterior vents. Aside from protecting the air conditioner from dust and dirt while protecting the ducts from damage, vent covers also keep termites and other pests from entering your home.

Outdoor Cleanup

The outdoor unit of the AC is susceptible to damage caused by external forces. It makes a remarkable difference when the surrounding area is kept clean and free of any debris or blockage. Regularly removing grass, weeds, and anything that can be used as a hiding place for pests is one effective countermeasure. A condenser cover is also a great way to conceal the outdoor unit while protecting it from external damage. It’s usually made of a thin sheet of fabric that allows air to pass through.

Take a peek at other helpful tips to prevent a termite infestation from westernexterminator.com:

  • Seal the property, particularly doors and windows – Ensure that termites cannot gain access to the wood skeleton of your property. Seal up cracks in siding and rooftops. Given their size, termites can enter through windows with broken screens or beneath doors. Look for access points in the foundation too, and ensure all potential entry points are sealed shut.
  • Repair leaking taps and pipes – These include leaking taps, pipes and hot water overflow pipes under or around your home. Repairing these will reduce moisture levels, which attract subterranean termites close to or under your property.
  • Mop up moisture – Moisture is essential for a termite colony to thrive. Termites will gladly use puddles of water found in or around a property. Make sure the property is well-aired and kept dry.

AC Maintenance, Checkup, and Tune-up

The heating and cooling service in our homes are long-term investments that must be protected from all forms of damage and maintained regularly for optimal performance. Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating has been providing home comfort to residents and businesses in the Great Valley. From consultation and planning to installation and service maintenance, clients enjoy home comfort like no other through every season.

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